20 August, 2010


sometimes i forget that feelings are only temporary and that just because i have one bad day, it doesn't mean the world is over.

or that i've failed.

or that i'll never feel any differently.

i also forget that bloating occurs every single month and that this does NOT mean that i've suddenly gotten fat overnight.

some day, i'll have these things figured out...

...and then i'll have new problems. ;)

here are some scenes from our week (that you may have already seen on my twitter page):

(shopping without buying)

(levi & the neighbor kitty i named gog)

(late to church)

(i live in the land of sunshine.)

i like to steal levi's iPhone...or his leviPhone, as he likes to call it. i call it his ife.

have a happy weekend! tonight, i'm going to see rufus wainwright at the greek with my momma & sister! yippee!


  1. i forget those exact same things too. EVERY MONTH! sheesh.

    thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Rufus Wainwright!! I'm so jealous!

  3. Love the week pics! (And can you ship some sun my way please...:))
    Happy weekend to you Jasmine...

  4. love your "late to church" shoes!

  5. it is soooo easy to think that one bad thing is the end of the world. glad to see you had some fun in the pics!! the kitty one is adorable. I'm on vacation apartment shopping in rivine this week and im moving here( from long island) after christmas, so im pretty excited! Do you live in OC?

  6. fabulous pics! You're always dressed so cute! have a great weekend

  7. i think someone deserves their own ife ;)

  8. oh my gosh! have fun at rufus wainright! very jealous.

  9. Hope you're having a great weekend Jasmine. I adore those little yellow sandals.

  10. you two are just so cute and I love those sandals too!

  11. isn't it weird how we forget what happens during pms even though we get it monthly? i do it all the time. i'm like, why can't i stop eating? why am i so angry? and then i remember.

    such cute pictures!

  12. this post actually helped me get through a tough situation at work this week... so i thank you!

  13. adorable photos, as always!! love those yellow shoes! :)

  14. It never fails that I forget those things as well Love your week pics! And the yellow shoes are lovely!

  15. I still LOVE the blog. So excited for you and Levi!


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