09 August, 2010

this is the face i make when levi eats raw cake batter.

it's the last day of our weekend!

we're going to spend it relaxing, taking walks, drinking coffee, maybe a trip to barnes & noble for some magazine reading.

ahhh, that sounds nice.

and speaking of taking walks - my latest idea is to walk a total of 10 miles per day this week...we'll see if i actually do it.

happy monday to you all!

(super duper random photos to accompany this post. i just think they're funny.)


  1. These photos may be random, but I love them.

    Happy last day of your weekend!

  2. wow 10 miles a day! Good luck! My goal each month is to walk 100 miles, so far I haven't even come close! Maybe August? or perhaps September? :) p.s. I just love your blog! One of my favorite reads!

  3. dang girl! 10 miles!! You can do it :) that is about 10 miles more than I do :/
    happy monday!!

  4. Adorable random photos make my day! I wish I could walk that much!! xo

  5. I like the photos A LOT so cute and flirty! I hope you are able to walk 10 miles per day this week, that would be quite the accomplishment. Where do you walk? In and around Long Beach? Sounds so lovely. Not sure where I would walk around here? I usually just go hiking for the exercise:)

  6. These pictures are so funny!

  7. ha - so cute! yummm i love cake batter!

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Good luck with the walking plan!


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