06 August, 2010

friday, you're so sneaky!

this week, i...

...celebrated my little brother's 25th birthday with my family.

...measured myself, levi, gretel, and lily against the kitchen door frame.

...admired my newest pretty, little dancer from my mom. every time she sees a dancer, she has to buy it for me. she can't resist. i love them.

...tried the sea salt iced coffee at 85°C in irvine. sweetened iced coffee with sea salt foam. pretty tasty.

...received the prettiest, new shirt from my mom. seriously. i'm spoiled.

...put down a deposit on our reception venue!

...witnessed my little gretel turn into a funny, old man on the couch...she's actually a very small kitty; this just isn't the most flattering angle for her.

...received our first wedding gift! from a blogger! so sweet and incredibly generous. :)

...took about a hundred thousand pictures of gretel on her new "hammock" that levi built for the kitty sisters.

...visited my beloved paulette and the grove with my mom, sister, and s-i-l, chrystal.

up next...the weekend!


  1. the kitty sisters!
    love that you measured them against the wall!

    jasmine you look gorgeous in all of these photos. your hair is AMAZING.

    congrats to both you and levi for having such a lovely group of people (and kitties) to surround yourself with!

  2. our dogs sit on the couch just like that, too! we get convinced more and more each day that they think they're human...probably our own fault for spoiling them like we do ;)

  3. cute recap! i used to work at the grove, so i'm thankful i only found the paulette macaroons at monsieur marcel in the very few last months ;)

  4. those pictures of gretel against the wall being measured are sooooo hilarious.

  5. I love the picture of Gretel on the couch- I want to sit on the couch like that now, too! Too bad I have to sit up straight in an office chair at work instead.

  6. All of your clothing is downright amazing. So is your cat.

    You win at life my friend :)

  7. I love that you measured the kittens! They look thrilled, too :)

  8. Hahaha I cannot believe you measured the kitties against the wall. That is too funny! Love it!

  9. OMFG measuring the cats. This kills me ^_^ Ha!!

  10. love your pictures, especially the one of gretel turning into an old man. so funny!

  11. Sounds so lovely!! Love these photos. And absolutely ADORE your new top! Where oh where can I find one? :)

  12. The pictures of the cats are absolutely hilarious. And love the new shirt!

  13. haha my friends cat sits like that and i call it "taco style"

  14. That top is sooo pretty! We are so lucky to have mom's who give us nice clothes. My mom really spoiled me while she was here visiting, makes me miss her sooo much more. Sometimes living far away from my family can be hard but I really do love California so I know I'm doing the right thing:) I hope you had a great weekend Love:)


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