03 August, 2010

just a little afterthought on this morning's post

i just wanted to throw this in for good measure.

it has been no secret to levi that changing my name won't be the easiest thing for me & that i don't necessarily like his last name.

we've talked about it a lot.

and while a lot of my post from this morning was a little bit silly (like the whole "de Myers" thing), i was dead serious in most of the solutions i've been coming up with to compromise on changing my last name. and levi was dead serious in his refusal to go along with any of these ideas. (however, he would never refuse to let me keep my last name...he just doesn't want to change his last name.)

usually, levi is the master of compromise, but he has taken a firm stance on this one.

and i kinda love it. who doesn't love an easy-going, confident man who lets the little things go but puts his foot down on the things that matter to him?

i also love the fact that i can flat out tell levi, "i don't like your last name." he doesn't get his feelings hurt. he doesn't take it personally. he lets me be 100% honest with him, and he is 100% honest with me.

our relationship wasn't always like this. and i really appreciate that it is now. it took A LOT of work, heartache, hurt, and struggle to get to this point.

but i LOVE knowing that i don't have to hide anything from him or sugarcoat anything for him. he lets me be me and tells me when he doesn't like the me i'm being at the moment. and i try to do the same for him.

there's such freedom in that.

and it's one of the things i love most about our relationship.


  1. it's great when everyone is understanding in a relationship!

  2. whatever you decide... take comfort in knowing that when I marry my man my last name will be Hencke (hen-key).... so bad. I love him so much that I am willing to take that last name :)

  3. that's a fabulous place to be in a relationship! Glad you've found it! I personally love the de Myers... or just inventing a new last name! lol My husband would have never gone for it though, he's super old fashioned!

  4. Thats great that you can tell each other how you feel & being able to have an understanding. This post really confirmed me ending a friendship with a male friend of mine tonight. He would've been pisssseddd if I didnt like his last name. Gosh, thanks for writing that!


  5. i think that's awesome.
    i had a really hard time deciding on whether or not to change my last name when i got married too. it's kind of a HUGE deal. but i would be going from a last name that no one could ever spell or pronounce properly (Ayotte) - to a really easy one (Kruse), so that helped my decision be a bit easier. in the end, i decided to take my hubby's last name and i've never regretted it, though it took some getting used to. (although i still have people mis-pronounce my new last name!)

  6. take his name in addition to your, not replacing your and not hyphenating your. I like to think of it as adding his family to your family, the 2 families in it together. You'd be Jasmine Myers Hunter. he could take Hunter as a middle name as well So he'd be Levi Hunter Myers. If your worried about children, I've heard of a tradition where they receive both names and when the get married the females take the mother name and her husband and the males take the dad name and his wifes.


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