12 August, 2010

it's on its way!

somehow we ended up at michael's again right in time for all the fall stuff.

it's so weird because we only go to michael's about twice a year. go figure.

anyway, we just had to play with the all the fall foliage and paraphernalia.

after all, it's tradition.

ohhhh, i can't wait for fall!! we really don't have seasons here in southern california. there's no fall smell. the weather doesn't really get much cooler (in fact, it will probably get warmer since we really haven't even had summer yet - i still haven't put a bathing suit on). and the leaves are nowhere near as glorious as they are in the rest of the country.

but there's still something so warm and cozy about the idea of fall - pumpkin spice everything, back to school shopping, family, notebooks, pencils, sharpies, plaid, tights, you've got mail, orange, yellow, candles, cinnamon, baking, and the promise of christmas.

i just love it.

and fall means that we're this much closer to our wedding day.


  1. ohmygoodness i am so sorry that you don't have a fall. you need to book a trip somewhere so you can truly enjoy the season :)

  2. Have you heard about the new Sharpie Liquid Pencil? You can erase it during the first 24 hours, but after that, it's permanent!?

  3. oh how I love fall! I can't wait to put those fall colors out again!

  4. Hey Jasmine
    Saw you had trouble on The Vintage Link
    here is another site to buy QUALITY vintage items....had a girlfriend buy her bridesmaid dress there and her friend bought her wedding dress there...gorgeous!!!! I saw my girlfriends dress....unbelievable quality!

    ps love the changes you have made on the girls dresses!!!

  5. So cute!! Craving the smell of Autumn and the feeling of change like we had back in Vancouver at this time of year.

  6. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I just bought a ton of candles yesterday and 80% of them were pumpkin spice although I should really try and stay away from candles.. I tend to sniff them non stop.

  7. eeeep!! i love fall and michael's! :) looks like fun... you two are adorable!

  8. these pictures are so cute! i am not ready for fall.


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