24 August, 2010

wedding planning: wedding bands

because my ring has a bit of a wave shape (it's actually an engagement ring & a wedding band soldered together), i plan on wearing it as my wedding ring, with no additional wedding band.

but since it's so incredibly valuable to me & levi (read this if you don't know why), i want to get a simple wedding band to wear if i'm ever strolling through the ghetto, swimming at the beach, planning on being held up at gunpoint...you know, the usual.

i know i could just go ringless from time to time, but i love having my wedding ring finger occupied.

i looooove rose gold, so i want to get a really simple, delicate, thin rose gold band. (one day, i may even have the band on my "main" ring replaced with rose gold.)

i searched etsy and found a lot of thin rose gold bands, but this is the ring that i love:

(rose gold wedding band found here)

it's so delicate & pretty! however, i think $235 is pretty expensive for a simple, thin, rose gold band, so i'll probably keep looking. we'll see!

just out of curiosity, what do you wear to signify that you're married? an engagement ring/wedding band set, a simple band, your engagement ring, something else entirely different, nothing at all?


  1. I wear my awesome engagement ring that was custom-designed to look vintage. It has lots of leaf/flowery detailing and a white sapphire flanked by two blue sapphires (my birth stone).

    Because my engagement ring was so special (like yours) and so impossible to match, I went with a plain white gold very thin band with a special engravement.

    I wear them both daily, but when I'm nervous about wearing my engagement ring, I just wear my plain little band that holds just as much significance but isn't as flashy. :-)

  2. I love that band!

    I didn't want a big diamond when I got engaged, so my (now) husband got me three bands with itty bitty diamonds across the front. I had one when we got engaged, and got the other two when we got married. I LOVE the wall of sparkle when I wear all three, but I usually just wear one. I love it's simplicity.

  3. Beautiful ring! I usually wear both my engagement ring and wedding band...unless I'm doing something involving lots of dirt. Then I just wear my wedding band...I agree with you I like having a ring on that finger!

  4. I'm currently just sporting my engagement ring - it has diamonds all the way around and then a center stone on top. My fingers are so tiny that too much more would look gaudy. I may add a thin white gold band someday or possibly an eternity band to match the band on my engagement ring. I like the idea of 2 bands to signify the actual marriage.

  5. Ooooh very pretty!
    I have a gorgeous antique engagement ring that was made around 1918. It, like yours, is cut in a unique shape and has detail work on the side and would have to have a custom band made to sit next to it, and even then it wouldn't really look that great with two rings. (Apparently wearing two rings on one hand was a marketing ploy in the 1930's to sell more jewelery... prior to that, women wore their engagement ring and then either switched it to their right hand or took it off after they were married. This is why my ring, and maybe yours, weren't designed with that idea in mind.)
    Anyway I am going to get a very simple white gold band, much like your photo there. I've been debating a lot but I think I might wear just the band on my wedding ring finger because I've always loved the simplicity of just a band. And then I'll wear my diamond on my right hand because its gorgeous and I don't want to not wear it at all. Sometimes I'm sure I'll want to switch it up too :)

  6. i'm still wearing the rings that my husband gave me 34 years ago- a diamond on one ring with the band together.

  7. I'm not married... and may never be :(... but I would want a fairly simple band too <3

  8. We didn't have a bunch of money and because my engagement ring was special (his great grandmas from mid-1920's) I still only wear that. We've talked about getting me something simple like you're looking at for when we have kids to keep my special one pristine.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  9. My story is similar. My antique engagement ring is from the late 1800s. I had a wedding band made to match the fancy scrollwork on the side, but they still didn't look right together. Plus, I kind of wanted something on top of my engagement ring so that it could never slip off. I was at Target one day before my wedding, and I saw a set of two thin gold bands set with teeny tiny chips of diamonds running across the top of them for only $75 for BOTH! So now I wear all four rings every day. My wedding band first, then an el cheapo diamond band, then the engagement ring, then the second diamond band. All together they have the look of stackable jewelry, and I love it.

  10. My wedding band and engagement ring are also in a wave pattern! When hubby and I went to Europe last year, I bought a cheap silver band (at JC Penney, haha!) to wear instead of my wedding/engagement set. Now that simple silver band has become my go to ring for beach days, etc. I love it.

  11. rose gold is pretty! catbirdnyc has a similar band that's a wee bit cheaper if your ring size is 7.5 or smaller:
    8 and up is $44 more, which is still a bit cheaper, but not by much. they have some really pretty rings though- just nice to browse.
    i don't know what i would want if i get married, but i love the rings they have. i like some of the stuff i've seen that looks simple and not too perfect.

  12. I wear my wedding ring & engagement ring. I didn't have them sautered together that way I can take the engagement ring off if I need to and just wear the wedding band. The band has little baguette diamonds & round diamonds on it... but so far (nearly 3 years later!) I'm yet to wear just the band! :-)

  13. I have a vintage wedding ring that I wear alone... we decided against a band due to its unique (and large) shape. I said it was a good excuse for him to buy me an anniversary band at some point! ;) I love this idea too... I could wear said anniversary band as a temp ring when in the ghetto!

  14. i always figured i would wear a simple band alone, but i ended up getting a band made to match the engagement ring that has been passed down through my husband's family.

    our wedding rings were the last thing on our to-do list. they were shipped to the wedding site so i didn't even see them until the big day. eeps!

  15. I love how everyone's rings are so meaningful to them. I think because I don't have one I tend to think of them as just jewelry. BUT clearly they are much much more.
    I wear a brick colored tattoo on my hip in Mark's handwriting that reads "You're my Home."
    It was part of our vows to each other that where the other person was, we would pledge to be - and to be HOME in that place.

  16. i'm having a love affair w/ rose gold right now. mostly as home accents than jewelry.

    i wear a diamond solitaire engagement ring only. i personally think it's hard to get the look right of two rings stacked together. i find a lot of women's pairings to look clunky or to not work in harmony.

    and secondly, for me to get a second ring just felt unnecessary. why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on anything in life, that you deem unnecessary or don't really want that bad, right? i told myself if i wanted one at a later time, we'd get it, but i never did! perfect decision for me + for us.

    if i were to do it all over again, i'd do the same, or go with a simple gold band instead of the diamond. i'm a hippie at heart i guess.

  17. I just wear my engagement ring, which is really supposed to be the accompanying band to an engagement ring. My husband and I are pretty poor right now but I'm happy with this. One day I'll get to pick out something fabulously vintage looking, for an anniversary or just because he loves me. But right now it's simple. And I like it that way.

  18. i have noooo gauge for what these things should cost, but i am SO glad you like rose gold too. it's so unique and lovely!!!

  19. fantastic! the design shape is so similar to what i have. you can see mine here (without the wedding band)...

    and here, with the wedding band:

    my idea is that for a significant anniversary (like our 10th?), we'll get me a second band identical to the wedding band to wear on the other side of the diamond (engagement) ring. then the diamond will be perfectly framed and balanced! :)


  20. my engagement ring was a simple round solitaire. then i got two side bands with tiny emeralds & diamonds on them (which we sautered all three together). unfortunately, 12 weeks into my first pregnancy my fingers swelled so much i could no longer wear my ring & my fingers are still too fat. a bad thing about emerald is it's a very soft stone, so everytime we get my ring sized one or two break & they have to be replaced. so we decided not to size it anymore & sadly, it sits in my jewelry box.
    for our second anniversary we stopped & i picked out a "right hand" ring to place on my wedding finger. it's more like what i would have picked had i been the one ring shopping for our engagement. it looks vintage, with details on the side & little white & yellow diamonds. i love it.
    oh hi, i think this is the first comment i've ever left & now it's a novel.

  21. i like rose gold to, i think its a good idea. & i totally thing $235 is a bit too pricey

  22. I wear my engagement ring and wedding band every day regardless of where I'm going or what I might be doing (though I do take it off for cleaning and such). The boy did a wonderful job picking out the set (which had sadly been through a divorce previously, so now they get a chance at being a part of a happy marriage).

    I love how special your ring is, and I would probably consider doing the same - having another band to wear just to be sure it was never lost or stolen.

  23. I wear my engagement ring and wedding band every day regardless of where I'm going or what I might be doing (though I do take it off for cleaning and such). The boy did a wonderful job picking out the set (which had sadly been through a divorce previously, so now they get a chance at being a part of a happy marriage).

    I love how special your ring is, and I would probably consider doing the same - having another band to wear just to be sure it was never lost or stolen.

  24. im so excited !!! i thought i would never find ur blog again!!!

  25. I wear a Claddagh Ring and I know a lot of people that wear and use them for wedding rings or just to Symbolize that they are taken, they range in prices.

    and here is some info


  26. Boo I can't find your comment. Ok - I'm writing my response here anyways....

    I love what you that you and Levi are exploring the concept of being HOME to each other.
    For me it has felt like part of what makes us WORK and not break is that idea - that I am centered in Mark and that means I don't get to leave.

    Mark sys that he has been feeling this more and more since we moved - surprised to find that Seattle is home because I am here.

    For me, honestly (and painfully) I have most felt like he is my home when I am giving up something to be with him and finding that it's worth it.

    oh marriage - how beautiful and mysterious.


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