17 August, 2010


where are you?

i still haven't put on any of my bathing suits this summer...or my sun hat.

i haven't set foot on the beach or dipped my toe in our swimming pool.

i haven't gotten sunburned (thankfully! my goal for the summer was no sunburns.). i haven't gotten any tanner.

our air conditioning unit is still tucked away in the garage.

it's true that our summers start when everyone else's are winding down, and our falls are blistering while everyone else is starting to layer and drink hot chocolate again.

but this summer is just plain weird.

i'm not complaining though! i hate the heat.

i can absolutely wait 'til next year for a more traditional summer with warm weather, bathing suits, sun hats, swimming pools, and the like. bring on a nice, cool fall, mr. weather man!

hopefully, i didn't just jinx myself by writing this post...


  1. It's only August 17th- you've got plenty of time for summer, yet!

  2. its going to be over 100 here today. how about you?

  3. You can have our summer anytime!! Please send your cooler weather our way. :)

  4. Its funny how warm it is in the Valley and how cool it is everywhere else. I'm not a big fan of the heat either but the weather in Woodland hills makes me crazy sometimes lol

  5. We've had rain where I live almost everyday since the end of June.. I miss the sun!


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