25 August, 2010

fun with proust - kim

this week, i interviewed kim who writes one of my daily reads, my little photographs. i love kim's blog. she always posts the gorgeous photos she takes of her adventures in LA and all her travels. her photos are always nice and big so that you can see all the beautiful details, which i love! kim has an adventurous spirit and loves to try new things - two traits i love in a blogger and a friend!

here are kim's thoughtful responses:

1. what is your idea of perfect happiness?
I have so many... Singing along really loud at a concert. Holding hands on the beach. Being a tourist in a new city. Writing letters and postcards. Watching foreign films. Cooking dinner with my Andre. Making new friends... the list goes on.

2. what is your most treasured possession?
All of my cameras. They go wherever I go. :)

3. what is your greatest fear?
Someone I love falling overboard or falling off a cliff. Oh the thought of that happening scares me so much.

4. which talent would you most like to have?
I would love to be a fabulous painter.

5. what or who is the greatest love of your life?
My Andre. He is my sweetheart and my best friend.

6. what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
I need to stop putting everyone else's needs ahead of my own. I always end up getting hurt in the end.

7. what do you value most in your friends?
I love friends who can admire and be inspired by our differences.

and here is kim's favorite photo of herself:

so cute!

you can read kim's blog, my little photographs, by clicking here!


  1. what a great interview; she seema like a really cool girl. I love her pic, too cute!

  2. Looks great Jasmine, thanks so much for featuring me

  3. i can't wait to check out her blog- she seems like a really lovely person. this is such a good series, jasmine! i hope to read more prousts soon!

  4. i love kim's blog too! her photography never ceases to amaze me!


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