16 August, 2010

sometimes a picture says it all, but, of course, i like to add some words too.


we're the hunter girls.

that's ivy over on the left. jasmine's the one in the middle with the big mouth. and jill is on the right, laughing.

yes, we're related.

we each have a different variation of short, blonde hair.

we seem to have the same legs.

we're all a little wacky and a little loud.

we all have our own style and our own opinions.

we fight often but make up quickly.

we love each other, hate each other, like each other, and get annoyed with each other... sometimes all at once.

we're equal parts friend and family.

we're the hunter girls, and we're pleased to meet you.


  1. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen :)

  2. hahaha I Love this shot. To me this picture says PArtttyyy!!

  3. hahaha ! j'adore cette photo ! more more more !

  4. love this shot. it's perfect.

    and so our all of y'all's hair-dos!


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