05 August, 2010

wedding planning: yep, i changed my mind.

**note: we switched some of the dresses after i posted this, & the flower girls are wearing pettiskirts now instead of the dresses - same style & seller though. i can't wait to share their outfits. sooooo cute!**

originally, i was going to do grey and yellow for our wedding.

all my bridesmaids were going to wear different grey dresses, of their choosing, and a pair of yellow shoes, of my choosing.

buuuuuut, i changed my mind and completely threw out the grey and yellow color scheme.

now, i don't really have a color scheme, just colors i like.

but all my bridesmaids have dresses!

i went with black and white patterns for the dresses. and here they are:

and i'm going to put our two flower girls in dresses like these:

probably in the same colors.

i really like this no color scheme thing. now i have the freedom to do and choose whatever i want! fingers crossed that it all works out without looking like a crazy, jumbled mess!

post-edit note: where to buy! (also, ashley, my bridesmaids all bought their own dresses. fortunately, most of them were pretty affordable. yay!)

top-row from left: 1. anthro traced twirls dress, 2. anthro chocolate chip dress - sold out online, but still available in some stores ON SALE!, 3. modcloth whisked away dress - sold out, but they may restock (it was sold out when i originally found it)

Don't do business with The Vintage Link. My sister's dress is completely see-through and lies flat when the photo shows it poofing out. There's a button missing, a broken zipper, and the hem is unraveling. Totally overpriced and totally misrepresented. To top it off, the seller accused us of "illegal blackmail" when we expressed our dissatisfaction and tried to work something out with her before leaving feedback. She was defensive, rude, and unprofessional from the beginning and had no interest in making this a pleasant transaction. Not cool.

flower girl dresses: i'm going to order them from dreamspun kids on etsy with this top and this bottom.


  1. I hope your bridesmaids have great legs!!

  2. kinda sorta really loving the one in the upper right corner... you know, the black and white striped one? heh- im so funny.

    where is that one from?

  3. That is exactly what I did! No color scheme, and it came out looking exactly as I wanted, how I wanted. Just be ready for people to look at you really confused when they ask, "so what are your colors?" I am also from the South, where traditional is usually the only way it goes, so maybe you won't run into that!

  4. i just love it, girl!! i LOVE reading about all your wedding ideas. i let my bridesmaids each pick their own dress in black, but i adore what you're doing with the mix of patterns. can't wait to see what else you've got going up your sleeve! ;)


  5. post where the dresses are from! they are amazing!

  6. I really love this idea! Super fun and unique! Where did you get the dresses and also are you buying the dresses or are the bridesmaids buying there own? Just curious?

  7. Yep, Jasmine, we all want more details. The dresses are a beautiful and unique idea and I love the 'no color' scheme! Have fun and keep us informed!

  8. Love the Whisked Away dress from Modcloth! Really digging the no color scheme thing you got going so far. :)

  9. such a bummer about the vintage link! these dresses are all fabulous and i absolutely love how they all blend together! woohoo for no color scheme!! :)


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