13 November, 2009

today is here!

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it's friday!!!

and that means only ONE more week til thanksgiving is upon us! and then we get to go to san francisco. our very first real vacation together. holler back!

here's my top 5 from the week in no particular order:

1. levi forgot to pay the gas bill...since AUGUST. so we woke up to no gas on tuesday morning. we had to pay an extra $70 to get it turned back on and had to wait til THURSDAY til they could do it. we spent a lot of time avoiding sweating. i've never wanted a shower so bad. it wasn't terrible though...it was almost kinda fun. i microwaved water to wash my face with.

2. a girl at ivy's (my little sister who is a senior in HS) school asked her if her sister was "jasmine from an experiment in poverty." haha! i loved that! it cracked me up. it made ivy laugh too. and to the girl at my little sister's high school who reads my blog: thank you for reading!! you are so sweet!

3. one morning this week, levi told me that i should have dressed up as a snuggie for halloween because i'm always trying to drape myself all over him. sometimes i cuddle too much...

4. yesterday morning, i got an email letting me know that my first class of the day was cancelled. i like french and everything, but who doesn't love a day off??

5. ummm, i had a number five. i really did. but it seems to have escaped me, so we'll just give it to levi. i love you, levi, even if you did forget to pay the gas bill for a ridiculously long time. it helps to even things out around here with all the stupid stuff i'm always doing. :)

have a terrific weekend everyone!

p.s. here's our giveaway winner:

congratulations shauna! send me your email address, and we'll get you'll all set up for your suzannemade gift certificate.

p.s. now i know who the girl at ivy's school is! this is her blog. :)


  1. 1. Oh, so that's why you didn't take a shower for 4 days!
    3. there's no such thing as too much cuddling!

  2. You are famous! :)
    Maybe you should be in charge of the bills ;)

  3. That is so sweet that she read your blog! haha. Small world! :)
    It's funny how the worst situations make for the best memories. :) Maybe forgetting to pay the bills isn't terrible... (well if it weren't for the fee)
    Spencer tells me i am his little personal space heater all the time because I love to snuggle and he says i'm always 10 degree's warmer than I should be..Even though I still snuggle under a blanket and tell him i'm freezing!

  4. 1.Feeling with you on the gas bill...so not fun!
    2.Thinking the girl who asked your sister that is too adorable...you definitely are a star! I would have been star struck over you in High School too!
    3 I don't think anyone can be too cuddly, especially not someone as adorable as you. (maybe a tree monkey could be too snuggly)
    4.Loving an occasional day off too
    5.Thinking you are the cutest little couple ever...well besides us ;)
    Happy weekend! xoxo

  5. aww bummer about the gas being turned off! i love levi's comment about the snuggie though! so funny! i hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. One of my clients called me last week asking if I was Kathleen of Jeremy & Kathleen. It made me feel almost famous! Haha! Have a great weekend!

  7. lol on your #3! I'm sure my guy feels the same! haha

  8. you are in such a good mood...it's infectious! have a lovely weekend!

  9. It's always fun to read your favorite blog and see yourself mentioned. I love your blog and I love Ivy...and I finally connected the two^^. I feel so official, now that I've been blogged about. <3 Thanks Jasmine!

  10. it's so exciting to take your first REAL vacation together! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now, and we JUST took our first real vacation last week. And it was a BIG one! A road trip from New York to Sarasota to New Orleans to Memphis, and then back to New York. We had a blast, and I know you guys will too!!

  11. Wow, Jasmine, you're officially internet famous! :) It would make my day if someone recognized me like that. Lol.

    Happy Weekend! :)

  12. dang, no fun about your power outage! ugh! how cool to be recognized by a reader though! that was probably the most amazing feeling :)


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