04 November, 2009

fun with proust, take eight - stacey

i kinda forgot about my proust posts! oops!

i've been a little out of it lately.

anyway, this week we have the adorable stacey here to share her answers and favorite photo with us. stacey writes a cute blog called love and photographs. it's one of my daily reads. i'm also twitter friends with stacey. every time she tweets, i always want to respond to her with a big, giant "ME TOO!"

on to the questions:

1. what is your idea of perfect happiness?
being with my entire family, and husband of course, playing games, laughing at old memories and eating good food. Nothing makes me more happy than my family.

2. what is your most treasured possession?
my wedding ring. my journals. my pictures/cameras. and a lovely picture my nana painted for me.
If there was a fire these would be the items i would choose to save. (but lets hope that never happens)

3. what is your greatest fear?
losing my husband or someone in my family.

4. which talent would you most like to have?
oh a lot... to be a magical photographer, to be a better dancer, oh and to be able to sing...that would be amazing!

5. what or who is the greatest love of your life?
my wonderful husband, Christopher Michael Sargent. I feel so blessed and lucky to wake up next to him every morning. he is magnificent.

6. what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
ahhh my jealousy. i would give my left arm to get rid of that side of me....im working really hard at it, but man is it difficult!

7. what do you value most in your friends?
that we can go months without seeing each other, but when we do it's like we were together yesterday. i love that about my friends, because i sometimes can get so caught up in my crazy busy life, that I don't see them much, but they love me anyways and never get mad!

ummm, stacey, me too, me too, me too, me too! especially number 7. jealousy is so hard to deal with!

here is stacey's favorite polaroid of herself, taken by her husband, chris:

thanks for playing, stacey!


  1. wow... she looks exactly like my Aunt (when my aunt was younger). I must go tell her!

  2. That was so sweet! I love the photo too!!!

  3. i read both of your twitter updates and agree most of the time too :)

  4. i love this one!! and that picture is simply gorgeous! xo

  5. I love Stacey and her blog! So excited that you got to ask her these questions :)

  6. proust questionnaire segment on the today show today!!

  7. I love reading Staceys blog and she always makes me laugh with her witty writing. We live in the same state, and someday we are just bound to meet.... ;)

  8. This is the coolest blog in the world. i am so, so glad I came over today. thank you for being such a beautiful writer!


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