16 November, 2009

a mind

a rational mind
a logical mind
a thoughtful mind
a perplexed mind
a confused mind
an analytical mind
a busy mind
a sensitive mind
a computing mind
a problem solving mind
a troubled mind
a conflicted mind
a panicked mind
a ceaseless mind
a mind that never sleeps, never rests.
always working, synapses always firing, always controlling, always maintaining, always functioning, always.

this brain of mine does a lot. it keeps me going physically, mentally, emotionally.
if it stopped working altogether, i'd be in trouble.
in a sense, my brain, my mind, controls me.
it enables me to do, to create, to breathe, to love, to problem solve, to live.
it does things i have no control over.

but if left completely to its own devices, i'd go insane.
my mind, my thoughts - they have the ability to run free and wild. they have the ability to get me into trouble, to hurt me, to make me unhappy and miserable.

this thing that keeps me going, this thing i have no on or off switch for, this thing that monitors and controls my body without a single word from me, has the ability to overrun me, to take over.
unless, i exhibit some control over it, over my mind, my brain, my control center.

how strange that there is something within us beyond a brain! something that can actually control the thoughts that come out of it.
what is that something?
is it a soul?
a conscience?
an ego?
our id?
is it just another segment of our brain?

how strange that we really can't say. we don't know. this thing that is the essence of who we are, the core of self, the thing that separates man from animal and men from each other, remains nameless.
and it's ours to do with as we wish.
it's ours to decide what that thing is, and no one can ever tell us we're wrong.
essentially, it's the only thing we can ever truly own or control.
what a great responsibility!
what a fantastic freedom!
what a source of joy! a gift!

in a world so full of outside influences, we have the ultimate say over who we are, what we do, and all that we become.


  1. Very well writen. Beautiful. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Love it.

  2. wow! that is deep--its too true that we are responsible for our actions, thoughts, etc.

  3. You should seriously consider meditation and/or yoga. I have a personality much like yours and i was laid off from my job in July. i would have gone clinically insane if I didnt start meditating and going to yoga. It seriously works! I sound so cliche, but I am asking you to just try it.

  4. Cool piece of writing jasmine! I like the image too.
    This kinda makes me think I should be more productive right about now.. you know, stimulate my brain.

  5. wow, did you write this jasmine? such beautiful words.. so well put. such a good way to start the day! i hope you are doing well :)

  6. Jasmine, I love this! It's so simple and pure, but so full of truth. Our whole being really is nothing but potential for us to do with what we will. Excellent post. :)

  7. how perfect--how beautiful. said just as well as i could be! thank you for that.

    just this morning, i thought to myself--brain you are out of control. and then i realized that i am the one who can reel it back in. me and only me. and so i gave myself a little pep talk that went something like: brain (meg) get over yourself. grow up. none of this really matters. the future is yours to take but you're going to have to make some evolved decisions, and they may not be easy, but they sure as hell don't have to be as hard as you're making them. so grow a pair.

  8. This was beautifull written! I love your cute blog :)

  9. i sincerely love your blog and think that it is wonderful.

  10. you amaze me jaz!

  11. love this post, loveee your blog (:


  12. Love this!

    Lovely blog!


  13. i was going to email you about this post. but instead i'll just tell you that had you posted it a day earlier, you could have saved me $30 for my counseling session. we were talking about this shit there....streaming our thoughts through the "mental filter" before responding with our emotions. . . you're on to something.

  14. love your blog...great post!


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