12 November, 2009

short and sweet

i'm a little bit tired of my computer today.

shocking, isn't it?

i think it's because i spent way too much time on it yesterday.

so i'll be brief:

1. nigel said "transmogrifier" on sytycd this week, and i loved it. i want nigel to be my dad. i love him.

2. i think russell is my favorite on afore-mentioned program.

3. i still haven't had a shower since monday night. i miss hot water and being clean.

4. i had a pumpkin cream cheese cupcake and a traditional cappuccino for dinner last night.

5. today is the last day to enter the suzannemade giveaway. get your entries in before 6:00 pm PST so that they count! the winner will be announced tomorrow.

6. i love you. have a great day.



  1. I haven't watched any of the episodes yet since Vegas....I so need to catch up! I deeply love the judges, Randy even likes it because he feels like they are so honest!

  2. You haven't taken a shower since Monday? What's up with that? How could you possible stand that? I'm so sorry for you.

  3. p.s. I left something for you on my blog! :)


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