25 November, 2009

i'm off!

thanksgiving is (almost) upon us!

levi and i are boarding a plane as you read this (i scheduled the post).

we got up waaaay too early this morning, and now we're headed to san francisco for a thanksgiving family vacation.

i am exceptionally grateful for my family, so i want to introduce them all to you, individually, proust style.

i have all their questionnaires scheduled to post throughout the day.

i hope you enjoy getting to know them a little bit.

they are the best people in the entire world.

i'm not biased. it's a scientific fact.

happy thanksgiving to you all!



  1. How can your family be the best when mine is the best?

    Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy your family time.

  2. have a safe trip and happy thanksgiving

  3. Have fun and travel safe!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. i adore thanksgiving...too bad canadian thanksgiving was last month! enjoy all the fesitivites, fun and especially family...

  5. Have a lovely San Francisco Thanksgiving! I'll probably be leaving town just as you arrive :)

  6. cool posts! so nice to learn about your family :) I also really enjoy how this post is shaped like a heart xx

  7. have a wonderful wonderful wonderful holiday !!!!!!!!

  8. i just came across this blog by googling "poverty"
    and i'm always having a "rich" laughter when i read
    your blog! bless your soul.


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