30 November, 2009

some busts and a tree

i'll start with the negative stuff and move on to the positive.

overall, the last week was a bust...better yet, one bust followed by another.

i'm not going to candy coat them because they sucked, and i'm still a little upset about how things went.

last friday (not black friday - the friday before) was the first day of a suuuuper busy week for me. so what did i do?

i went ahead and got sick.

now when i do things, i do them. i go all out. this includes illness. i never get a little sick. i get really sick. this time was no exception. in fact, i'm still sick. levi got what i had on thanksgiving, and he's almost all the way better. but me? still hacking away over here.

anyway, even though i got sick on friday, book club was still a blast. i'll do an update post on that later.

sunday was levi's birthday. i had a fever and felt awful, so we spent most of the day inside. levi even ordered takeout for his birthday dinner. i felt so bad that i wasn't able to do nice things for him all day. in fact, he had to do stuff for me all day. it sucked.

monday was our disneyland day, and i was still really sick. fever and everything. we couldn't just go another day because someone was signing us in for free, and i really didn't want to miss out on seeing the christmas decorations for the second year in a row. we went for a couple hours in the morning and then came home in the middle of the day. i slept for a few hours, and we went back again. the only thing i wanted was to see the fireworks. i love fireworks, especially christmastime disneyland fireworks. they were going to be around 9:30. we got there around 7:00, and the park was PACKED. more crowded than i had ever seen it in my life, and i have been to disneyland a lot. i had an annual pass for five years. it was like every single person in southern california was there. it was totally miserable. you couldn't even walk. all you could do was shuffle and try to avoid getting run over by strollers. i couldn't handle it. i just felt like punching and kicking people. so we left. and i cried.

and now the biggest bust of all - san francisco.

very early wednesday morning, we flew to san francisco. i was still really sick, but we weren't going to skip the trip. the adrenaline of traveling got me through the flight, and when we landed, we were both really excited to be in san francisco.

until we got to baggage claim.

where our bag was not.

we brought one bag with both of our things in it and no carry on.

i can't even talk about it really. my blood pressure is rising as i type. this bag had everrrrything in it - makeup, underwear, clothes, coats, phone chargers, toothbrushes, contact lenses, glasses, socks, walking shoes. you get the picture - everything.

levi and i don't have that much stuff so all of our best clothes were in that bag. i couldn't stop panicking. my biggest fear wasn't that we would spend our vacation without it, but that we would never see our stuff again. i know it's just stuff, but i really like my stuff!

long story short - we wore the same exact clothes and shoes for the entire three days, not knowing whether or not we would ever see our things again. we got our bag at check out time on the last day of our trip...which meant that everything had to stay inside of that suitcase.

it was a nightmare. it totally ruined the trip. i'm not gonna lie - we still had fun. it was great spending time together, being with my family, and being in san francisco, one of the best cities on earth (btw, we are seriously discussing moving there...maybe in the next year or two. we are truly in love with that city). but the bag thing ruined the trip. we were totally stressed out - about our bag and about the money we had to spend buying necessities. (we're being reimbursed for the stuff we needed to buy, but we had to front the money. we won't see that check for at least two weeks, and we've got rent to pay.) we were cold without our coats. our feet hurt from wearing inadequate shoes. we had to waste tons of time on the phone with the airline and shopping for stuff to get us through the three days (i.e. face wash, toothpaste, and underwear). it sucked.

i'm not going to tell you what airline we flew yet. i'm calling them today and giving them a chance to redeem themselves - i'm asking them to give us a new trip to san francisco since they ruined this one - our first vacation together. my first vacation in years. probably levi's first vacation in ten years! if they do what we ask, they get the customer service of the year award, in my opinion. if they don't, i will have no problem telling the world about how badly they screwed up. i know mistakes happen, and people lose their bags, but i think consumers really need to hold businesses accountable. it's how you can tell the good ones from the bad ones.

anyway, i'm very relieved to be able to say that we have our things back and we got home safely.

now to end on a positive note!

we got our christmas tree!! it's beautiful, and i love it! i am so happy that the christmas season is upon us. there are so many terrific things to look forward to, and i know that this is going to be a great christmas.

(sorry about the crummy photos...we still need a new camera. santa?)

alright, that's it. sorry for the insanely long post and for all the negativity, but sometimes things just get you down and you have to get them off your chest! i really shouldn't be surprised. i'm known for my bad luck. my mom wanted us to remake the out-of-towners on our vacation. :) if only we had a camera crew following us around at all times!

i hope you had better long weekends and better thanksgivings than we did!

p.s. levi and i are over at our.city.lights today. check it out!

p.p.s. i don't know what was going on with blogger last week, but i lost more than 50 comments (blogger wouldn't let me approve and publish them). so if you're wondering where your comments are - blogger ate them. i'm sorry.


  1. oh you poor dear! I hope they Do give you another trip!!!!! On a positive note your tree is GORGEOUS! And even more so set against that beautiful yellow wall! How can you be sad looking at that? haha, you can't!

  2. ohmyGOODNESS!!! i'm SO sorry to hear about all that :( i hope you are feeling better now.
    maybe all that bad stuff had to happen so you can have a truly wonderful, magical and stress-free december!

  3. Aw, that whole situation sounds awful! When my husband and I came home from our Honeymoon (in Disney WORLD, actually - lol), we had a similar fiasco. Disney got us to the airport nearly 3 hours early, our flight was delayed almost 2 hours and then while we were in the air, we had to land for 1.5 hours (I don't remember why). Then, we nearly missed our connecting flight because of all the delays (good thing that flight had been delayed too!) and when we FINALLY made it back to Oklahoma at 1am, our luggage was no where to be found. We were at the airport until 2 filling out paperwork and when we got to the car, our battery was dead. We waiting until almost 3 for an airport security man to jump it for us and finally made it home around 3:45. It was definitely miserable! I hope your airline gives you those free tickets! Vacations can make life so much fun when you have that destination to look forward to or the good memory to look back on. I hope this week is better for you!

  4. blah, how terrible. i'm actually known for my bad luck as well. it's gotten to the point where i plan ahead and schedule myself extra time because something ALWAYS goes wrong. i just feel so bad because i know how excited you were about disneyland and san fran, and i can totally relate about being poor and having extra little expenses set you back. that airline better give you guys a free trip!!

  5. So so sorry :( That would be horrible. I am glad they got it in the end at least... but still that really sucks.
    I hope they take care of you

    And your tree looks great!

  6. That really sucks! How did they lose your bag on a 1 hour flight?! I'm sorry that happened and that you couldn't enjoy SF to the fullest. As a San Franciscan, I concur that it's totally the coolest city ever and you should totally move here and enjoy all it has to offer every day!

  7. What a bummer week! I hope you are feeling better, and am so happy you got your bag and belongings back. I will keep my fingers crossed that the airline's customer service is everything you want and more!!

  8. Jasmine! Jaaasmine!
    What an eventful week. Im real sorry about the fiasco's of your thanksgiving. Thats absolutely incredelous- all the stuff you had to put up with.

    I hope you are not too sick anymore..If its any consolation I spent my whole week alone?.. except thanksgiving night- I did have plans for then.

    Jeezz. You are so great though. What a trooper. I love your christmas tree too. I hope my apartment can afford a pretty one this year.

    Way to kick start the week ey! Hope you can get some rest and love today xo

  9. Aw, Jasmine! I'm so sorry about your crappy week. The airline's mistake was completely unacceptable. They were just talking about this on a TV show... I think it was The View. They said how you get penalized and charged for having to cancel a flight for being sick, yet the airline's suffer no penalties when they lose all your stuff or take off a few hours late. You're absolutely right - they should be held accountable and you should get another trip out of the deal, to make up for the one they ruined. It's the least they can do.

    Keep us updated! I'm curious as to how this plays out. And I hope you feel better soon! My dad's been sick for a week and a half now and it sucks. I hate how easily everyone gets sick this time of year, right when we should all be feeling good, having fun and celebrating.

    Here's to a much better week ahead!

  10. Oh, sorry things kind of sucked for you. That's really a drag. I hope it wasn't Southwest...I love them.

  11. Awww...Poor you. There's nothing wrong with this negative post. You do need to let it out. Your holiday must have almost really sucked. I would have cried too.

  12. I'm so sorry you were (and still are) sick! But I'm really, really glad your bag was returned. Its awful to be 3 days without all your necessities. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Ohhh that's awful! I would be steaming! Sorry that it happened to you on your supposed to be wonderful trip to SF!

    I would move to SF too! Its a fun city! I live 3 hours away now so I can visit often. Its really expensive to live there though.. The only bad thing!

    I hope they give you a free trip back! Good luck!

  14. Ughhh!!! That's the worst. I'm so sorry about the lost bag. Everytime I check my bag I say inside my head, "please please please be careful with that and return it to me. i really really like the stuff in there." Haha. That really bites though. Hopefully they provide good customer service for you! ;)

  15. your tree is beautiful, but not pretty enough to make up for all of that ickiness!

    I'm sorry:(

  16. your comment was so sweet, thanks! i feel like a tubbalard so i appreciate it.

    p.s. so sorry about your trip. sounds like a nightmare. and it sounds like you had the best attitude possible considering!

    i hope the airline comes through for you!

  17. that's so awful about your trip! My bf works for the company at our airport that delivers the lost luggage to people once the airline finds it...it happens A LOT...literally dozens of times a day per airline, per airport. you'd think they'd be able to get it together!

    But, your tree is ADORABLE!!

  18. awww, im so sorry about all that bad luck! i would be so upset too! they better give you a free flight or something. that is messed up! anyway, glad you are somewhat starting to feel better, and your christmas tree? beautiful! love it!

  19. so sorry about your trip hopefully the airline does redeem themselves and you feel better!

  20. Sometimes it feels so good to let everything out. I really hope they give you your trip back if not I CANNOT WAIT hear which airline this is.

    Also, your tree looks amazing!!

  21. jasmine! i seriously got teary-eyed reading about your dramatic vacation, i'm SOOO sorry :( that's just the worst, to not have your things with you. to have nothing?! oh gosh. i barely survive on the bare necessities, having NOTHING would absolutely ruin me (oh, i'm high maintenance i tell you. not proud of it, but i'm being honest). i'm glad you're back and got get your tree up! it's beautiful! i can't wait to have my own place with my own tree and decorations . . . sigh.
    i read your interview on diana's blog, and it was beautiful. i feel like i'm close friends with you and levi hehe. silly, i know, but i consider you my friend! get used to it ;)

  22. That sucks about your trip. I would have been just as pissed! How freaking annoying, and to top it off being sick. I am so sorry!

    I love your comment! That made me laugh about your sister! So freaking sweet! I loved the Proust on her, and her pictures! Tell her I love her just as much! :)

  23. i was so sad to hear about your frustrating trip! count your blessings, jasi; we love you, you're not alone :)

  24. that's why i never check bags! better to each carry a small suitcse or duffel bag or backpack and not lose anything, plus you get out of the airport faster!

  25. Best Christmas tree I've seen so far! Love it!


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