01 December, 2009

december's here!

what a great way to start december!

i woke up to find levi and gretel putting up the christmas lights outside this morning.

she's such a big helper.

lily helped by napping on the couch.

(p.s. don't blame me for the hideous color of our window panes - we didn't choose it. our front door is the same color. i wish we could paint them so bad, but we're not allowed to paint outside - only inside.)

other ways we started december:

- drinking delicious cups of blue bottle coffee (one of the reasons we are considering moving to san francisco - all of the best coffee we've ever tasted is in san francisco.)

- coming out of the bathroom to find gretel licking the jelly off my toast. guess she likes boysenberry too.

- frantically studying for my french exam today. it's in 38 minutes. crap! that means i should probably be getting ready for school!

wish me luck!

and happy december! let's all truly embrace the season this year all month long.


  1. Good luck on the test!

  2. haha love the mentioning of the paint color... funny thing is, the outside of my apartment has the exact same color on the windows and doors. i wish i could change it sooooooo bad.

    happy December, and good luck on that exam!!

  3. goodluck!!! i've got a final tonight too..i know the stress!! :)

  4. happy december to you, lovee.

    i, also, hate when the cat decides to start my breakfast.

    better than the dog though- the dog just straight up steals it.

    hope your test went well!

  5. I kind of like the color of the window frames. It's unique.

    Actually...it's National City Bank green, now that I take a second look. How odd.

  6. aww!! what a great way to wake up! you three are just the cutest family. xoxoxo

  7. In Michigan, everyone lets you paint your rentals as long as you're willing to paint it back if necessary. I love that! Of course, now that I live somewhere where we could paint our rental, we bought a house. Figures.

  8. Good luck! We are putting up our outside lights this Saturday

  9. ohhh good luck!!!!! I've totally been putting off my homework as well!!!!!

  10. Good luck on the test! and you and your boyfriend are too cute :)

  11. good luck!

    not being able to paint a rental sucks, but i'm sure all your personal touches are super cute to make up for it :).

  12. i cant wait to decorate!!!! EEEEE!!!

    yay for lights!

  13. If only I could get out of this dreadful mood that I'm in today!

  14. Best of luck on your exam!! Wishing for blue bottle coffee and missing the West! Gretel is too adorable sneaking your toast.

  15. Bon chance on your French exam!

    I agree with you about Blue Bottle — I think it just might be the best coffee on the planet.

  16. Can't wait to get the lights on our house this weekend. Hope you did well on your exam.

  17. Hey! New reader here :D Good luck on your exam.
    Cute Gretel! x

  18. look at your cute kitty! I really miss our cat :(
    Merry Christmas!


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