02 December, 2009

fun with proust, take i don't know anymore - cara

i am very excited for this week's proust.

because today, i introduce you to my friend, cara.

cara lives in portland, and we've never met, but she's still a for real friend, not just a blog friend.

isn't it strange how we build these close relationships with people we have never met, and we almost feel embarrassed to call them our friends? we feel like we have to qualify that statement with something like "my blog friend" or "this girl i know from the internet." well, no more. cara is my friend friend, my real friend. and i love her.

she has a beautiful spirit and a mature, quiet, calm zest for life. when you talk to cara, you know you're talking to someone with wisdom, with a story.

i feel honored to count her among my friends and honored to introduce her to you today.

here's cara:

1. what is your idea of perfect happiness?
being my complete self. accepting who i am and walking in that. creating an inviting environment for others to do the same. chocolate chip cookies & milk. making things. making laughter. touching noses with my baby girl. tickle-wrestling&cuddling my giant love. soft cheese. fresh fruit. a glass of riesling. seeing foreign places. exploring my season. figuring things out. dancing it out. finding a good deal. the way time heals. the way people heal. when you really sum it all up, it's gratitude. being grateful for these moments of life is being perfectly happy, right?

2. what is your most treasured possession?
my words.

3. what is your greatest fear?
allowing my nature to forfeit my potential.

4. which talent would you most like to have?
singing. and lord knows i try.

or french.
i love the language.
the language hates me.
{i think it might hate me too, cara.}

or how to play the piano.

5. what or who is the greatest love of your life?
jonah. the big bear. my complement. my great friend.
steady ground. warm embrace. empowering support.
a man of wisdom. a healer. a hero. pioneer of my heart.

this is incredibly cliché, i'm sure. but i promise it's true!

6. what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
oh follow through. i am an ambitious, big picture type of thinker but procrastinate like it's my job.

i'm really working on overcoming this.
(like sending birthday gifts, even if they are four months late)
{you're not alone on this one, cara. you just described me.}

7. what do you value most in your friends?

i am a hot mess.

cara's favorite photo:

i absolutely love it.

visit cara here.


  1. Cara has been a dear friend of mine for several years now. I love her too! :)

  2. I love all my blog friends! Cara seems awesome, and totally together. Great post.

  3. i love those questions...i thought of things i would answer...i like the answers too!

  4. i love this! i'm so glad you talked about this, because i totally always feel the need to preface my conversations with "my blog friend", when really we are actual friends who just haven't met. i love it!

  5. I love her answer to question #3, "allowing my nature to forfeit my potential."

    How incredibly insightful. I didn't realize it till she said it, but that's one of my fears, too.

  6. She seems lovely. And I like the idea of not prefacing internet friendships. I like it a lot.

  7. Some of my best friends are people I've never met. And I have "real friends" in real life, but a lot of them are harder to talk to, to share with.

  8. I love this "Proust" thing !
    I immediately thought of your blog when I found that (sorry it's all in French) : http://www.mylittleparis.com/index.php?article=vanity-fair-proust&test=article&IdTis=XTC-DYUJ-YPN2K-DD-F17PU-F0JY

    A book with French celebrities answering the Proust poll:) !!


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