09 December, 2009

"book" club

just a little update on the "book" club.

i turned it into a craft club for december because, honestly, i can't handle reading anything extra right now. school is wiping me out. plus, no one finished the book last month....

and maybe, it will never go back to a book club; i don't know. for the time being, we'll just keep calling it the "book" club.

anyway, we are meeting this friday at 8:00 pm in long beach. we will be making gingerbread houses, eating food, and enjoying each other's company!

if you would like to come to this month's "book" club, please email me.

(i swear i believe that books are for reading and not for posing with...)

i swear.


  1. how fun! i want to come. we new yorkers should start a satellite club!

  2. book clubs are fun, and you look amazing!

  3. Sorry I can't make it :( I'm sure you ladies will have a blast!

  4. if only i lived a little further south :(

  5. hehe. i hope your little 'book' club goes on forever! don't need a reason to get together for a little fun anyway! ps: you two are wise to spend christmas present money on necessities (; and don't be too sad because i'm mailing u a little something to make up for the lack of presents this year! xo

  6. I wish I could go! (Even though I'm terribly un-crafty.) You look so cute and, oddly, just like my friend Katie. Smooches. Xoxo

  7. I'm still bummed that I couldn't make the first "book club," I was looking forward to meeting everyone in person. Dang it for moving back to Ohio!!! Have fun crafting! :)

  8. i think books are maybe better for posing with.


    also...i'm now thinking of suggesting to my book club leader that we should change it to be a craft club. seriously....no one ever finishes any of the books we read. it's getting kind of ridiculous. at least if we were crafting we'd have something to show for ourselves.

    just an idea.


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