29 December, 2009

a little this, a little that

seriously. she makes the prettiest necklaces.

isn't that beautiful? i love it.

i'm headed over to my brother's house today to upload christmas photos onto my computer! i can't wait to see the photos he took and relive our fantastic christmas again. most likely, you'll be reliving it with me tomorrow. so beware!

i know i've said it before, but i'll say it again - this whole no camera thing has become quite a bore. annnnnd my blackberry just broke. on christmas eve, the screen went black, and it just wouldn't turn on anymore. bye bye blackberry! secretly, i'm kind of glad it broke...i think i'm ready to move onto bigger and better things (aka - the iPhone).

looks like we're going to be doing some serious shopping for electronics in january! checking account, i apologize in advance.

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