21 December, 2009

hey camera people!

i am probably going to buy myself a holga camera in the next month or two.

holga users, what kind should i get? should i get flashless, one with a built-in flash, or should i get the flash separately?

and do you think it's okay to buy one on ebay?


ohhhh, to take pictures again!!


  1. Mine has the built-in color flash. But I hardly ever use it. I'd definitely recommend it. And it's so simple that I imagine it would be fine to buy one on Ebay.

    And make sure you check out this Flickr group! http://www.flickr.com/groups/86881528@N00/

  2. i have a cmy with a built in flash & color filters and i love it. as far as filters & flash i say go with the built in, more versatility right there at your finger tips!

  3. I have a Holga -- i have the 120CFN (i think?). it has the built in red, yellow, blue, and white flash.

    Mine's been really fun, but personally, I wish I had bought the 35mm version. I know you can set up the 120 version to take 35mm film, but when I do that, mine never seems to come out correctly. 120 film is more expensive to buy and develop, although the medium format photos do have some charm to them.

    I bought mine on Craigslist! I think EBay would be okay as long as the seller has a good reputation!

  4. Mine has a built-in flash and I think it works a gem. Its got the flash filters too like blue, red and yellow.
    Dont have much to compare it to but this works great!

    Theres not a lot you can do to break a holga..i mean its a plastic toy. I think you're pretty safe with ebay :)

  5. i have a built-in flash and the batteries are really hard to keep in place so they can mess with your film. i'd get a separate flash you can attach... or duct tape those suckers down!

  6. i would just buy a new one. here is a cheaper (than like at urban outfitters) and it has a flash (which i have liked).
    or there is one without a flash:

  7. omgosh I have an holga and I love it and should you get one you will love it too pictures come out amazing.
    I have the holgawood in casablanca , and it is flashless which has been working out really well for me. my only regret would probably be that I would have gotten the 35mm holga instead of the 120 film one because where i live it takes 2 wks to devlope (lame). and ebay I think is awesome but I got mine at adorama.com

    get more info here http://microsites.lomography.com/holga/family/holga-red

    I hope this helped!!!

  8. i have one i'm confused about film. . . can you ask your peeps that???

  9. I have a holga and I would recommend one with flash since i've had times that I wanted to shoot a cool pic at night but just not enough light. Also get 35mm film, since the 120film, is barely devolped anywhere. I wish I would've known this before I bought my 5 rolls of 120 film! And I bought my Holga off Kellards on Amazon, they had fast delivery which I was happily surprised with when my camera arrived 3 days early! and it was at a great price too. So go forth and have fun!

  10. My husband bought me a 35mm Holga for our anniversary {as a surprise}. He bought it without built in flash and bought me the separate flash too. Im about to get my first roll developed... so I cant wait!! {in case you didnt buy it yet I'll let you know how they came out}

  11. I'd definitely check if you can get 120 film developed near you and how much it is first. Practically nowhere develops it over here so I got the holga 135bc, which takes 35mm film, new off ebay and I love it! They are definitely cheaper on ebay they just take a bit longer to get to you (I think mine came from Hong Kong) Good luck finding one, you'll love it :)

  12. i just found one at urban on sale for $20 with a flash (and with color filters) and a fish eye lens attachment! go to your local urban to see if you can find one, totally worth it!!!!

  13. I have a new Holga with built-in flash with the multiple color gels. I've had trouble taking good photos with it so far. 120 film is expensive to buy and expensive to process--you have to pay for the processing and then to print actual physical photos as well. I just dropped $14 on two rolls just to get the negatives,and none of them turned out. I know others have had success, I was just disappointed with mine so far but not going to give up just yet!


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