31 January, 2011

with this ring...

alright, it's time for me to finally do a post on our wedding rings.

my ring is a difficult shape to pair with a wedding band, so i decided to skip it.

my ring originally had a yellow gold band, but i have always always loved rose gold (my mom had a rose gold wedding band - i always thought it was the prettiest color). (you can see my ring in its original state here).

so we decided to replace my band with a rose gold replica. the way i look at it is the yellow gold was my engagement ring, and the rose gold is my wedding ring!

it wasn't as simple as dipping the ring. they had to make a mold of my band, remove it from my setting, recreate a new band in rose gold, and solder the new band to the original center setting.

levi decided a long time ago that he wanted a diamond on the inside of his ring, so we went diamond shopping and picked out a gorgeous, brown diamond for him.

our jeweler made him a simple rose gold band (out of the same batch of gold that made my band), gave it a matte, brushed finish, and set the diamond on the inside.

it's really beautiful. i love it. and it's so special that no one can see the diamond, but we know that it's there.


when we gave each other our rings, this is what we said:

with this ring, i thee wed.
and with it, i bestow
all of the treasures
of my
and hands.
all i am, i give to you.


i'd like to always try to remember the gifts we presented to each other that day, in the form of our rings, every time i look at them.


  1. Love your rings, they are gorgeous.

  2. i LOVE rose gold... thats my dream material for my wedding ring.

    i also love the idea of putting a stone on the inside. i heard of a couple who did their birthstones on the inside.

    beautiful, creative choices!

  3. your ring is so pretty. i'm really loving the rose gold. it's different!

    And the vows you exchanged while putting the ring on... i melt. it's perfect, non-tradional, and romantic.

  4. your ring is gorgeous! i also skipped the wedding band when we got hitched. i have a weird shaped engagement ring/band that my partner designed himself, so i definitely want to wear it forever, but it would look weird to put anything else with it. plus, i love this trend of just wearing that one special ring that symbolized the whole decision to commit to each other in the first place.

  5. I love the rings and the story behind them! Thanks for sharing!

  6. They're so pretty! I have a soft spot for rose gold, but people don't choose it very often. I'm so glad you did! Levi's ring with the brown diamond is gorgeous. Love everything.

  7. they are absolutely beautiful! and i love the story behind them. i have actually never heard of anyone putting a diamond on the inside of band, but i think it's such a special idea! you two are so romantic and creative.

  8. Gorgeous rings, Jasmine...

    How very special - Alex and I picked out our own rings, too... I just love your personal vows.. awww! It made me a bit teary-eyed!
    And, I REALLLLLLLLY LOVED the beautiful coffee! YUM!

  9. Beautiful. I really love the design of yours, it's BEAUTIFUL! (I can't think of a more original comment, too awe-struck.) I do love the idea of having a diamond on the inside of his though, very classy!

  10. I love how you took a pic of the rings together on the table. Very cool!


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