24 January, 2011




this is an affogato al caffè.
affogato means drowned in italian.
so this is (the yummiest) pistachio gelato drowned in espresso.

jaskdlgjaodbniornjdsboaj'a[k[ WE]A]MNAmj[m an[ [ [p [aojrb maojrgd;

that's how i feel about that.

have you tried this brilliant dessert?? we're getting another one today.

or maybe four.


  1. i LOVE affogato - i eat it all the time!

  2. I've always adored this dessert. I used to do it with black coffee as a kid and everyone thought I was weird. Now, as a barista manager, I'm teaching others how wonderful it is.

    Psst, french vanilla ice cream, with a shot of espresso, a dallop of whipped cream and a pile of crunched up fortune cookies is better than...


  3. omg you are making my mouth water. that looks amazing!!

  4. affogato was my favorite thing when i studied in italy. i miss it so much!

  5. That looks so amazing! After I finish this comment I'm googling it to see if you can find it in the States, though according to Rachell above it sounds like I can make my own at home:)

  6. This looks delish! I really want to try one!

  7. ummm... drool? this looks yumaliscious! xoxo

  8. oh my gosh, i want some! that looks delicious! don't you wish that we had a tradition of cafes like they do in europe. i was lusting after some cafes i saw in a travel and leisure magazine recently...i hope you and levi have a blast on your honeymoon this summer!


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