27 January, 2011

getting dressed

here's another one of the skirts i bought on our honeymoon. i think this one was around $7. SCORE!!!

i wore this simple outfit out shopping with levi. i got so many compliments on my skirt. after each one, i said, "thank you! i got it for $7!!!"

i just can't play it cool.




shirt: i think i bought this at a dance store?
skirt: gap
shoes: jessica simpson from nordstrom


  1. Love this look on you and the golden yellow!

    Liesl :)

  2. That skirt is so cute! and $7 that is just awesome!

  3. Love the color of the skirt! super cute!

    I can't play it cool either. When ever someone compliments me on let's say my jacket.. I can't help but say where I got it. "thanks, I got it at Target!". lol

  4. oooh, vintage-y yellow! can't pass up that color ;]

  5. great color!


  6. gap sales are the BEST! awesome shoes... geez, jessica simpson!

  7. What a perfect color. Yes Indeed. I have been a follower for quite a LONG time, but I recently have made a new blog, and so now.. I followe you with my new blog as well. Thank you so much for just being you.♥

  8. WOW i am in LOVE with that skirt. I love yellow. and bows. and pleats. it's like heaven in clothing form. p.s. i always do that with clothes too! "love your dress!" "thanks, clearance $8!" i get too excited :)

  9. LOVE your twirl! That's my favorite part about skirts! :)

  10. that skirt IS super cute and I think even cuter because you have the perfect hair for it. LOVE the twirl! You make everything seem so much more fun!

    congratulations on your wedding! married life is incredible!

  11. That is actually a pretty cute skirt.

  12. Haha I do the same thing, since most of my outfits are thrifted, or on sale. People say thats cute...I respond "Thanks it was only $3!!!"

    Cute skirt btw!!

  13. i love this outfit!!! its so nice :)


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