03 January, 2011

greetings from rainy california!


i am so glad our rain came back so that i could have a chance to stomp in some puddles with my new hunter wellies! now i'll always have my maiden name around...on my boots.

today, we are officially less than ONE week away from the wedding! six days away to be exact!

we have a to do list about a mile long keeping us busy 10+ hours a day. it's a labor of love. i really can't wait to see it all come together. we'll be relaxing in san francisco on our "mini honeymoon" before we know it. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

and i REALLY can't wait to show you all the details from the wedding.



  1. Enjoy this last week!! Cant wait to hear all about the big day.

  2. savor this last week!!! you look adorable and i love the boots. we spent our honeymoon in san fran and it was perfect! congrats beautiful lady! xo

  3. I love the boots! If I didn't live in 'the sunshine state' I would definitely be hunting some down! Ha!

  4. I love the boots. I asked for some for Christmas but no luck. Thinking about buying some for myself soon. :) Can't wait to see and read all about the details from the big day!

  5. So excited to see wedding pictures--SOON! Enjoy your day. I love your blog!

  6. awe puddle jumping is such a beloved event! in our west coast weather we experience the rainy days a lot more than necessarily wanted, but it's all good anyways. awesome wellies carrying on your namesake, so rad! cute photo lades and wow the wedding day is so soon. can't wait to see this stellar event. happiest new year wishes. ♥

  7. I was thinking about you yesterday and how your big day is right around the corner! I've been a horrible blogger friend lately.

    But I'm here! And I get to do a high pitched squeal with excitement because your wedding day is now days away! No more months...DAYS! HURRAY!

  8. I am so excited for your wedding...I am looking forward to pictures, details, how you felt and stories about buterflys in your tummy! Weddings are so wonderful! Wave hello when you hit Gilroy on your way to San Francisco!

  9. I love your rainy day outfit! I really want a pair of those wellies.


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