27 January, 2011

baby boy hunter

we found out yesterday that my brother and sister-in-law are having a BOY!

so we're getting a nephew!

i'm so excited!!!! i need to go shopping!!!

it'll be nice to have some more testosterone in the family... my brother was completely surrounded til levi came along. :)

baby boy might look a bit like his daddy:



or his mommy:



he can't go wrong either way, and i can't wait to see his sweet little face in june!


  1. With THOSE genes? That child is going to be stunning. Stunning!

    Please tell your fam (and you!) congrats. :)

  2. it'll be fun to see with the dark dark hair and that blonde hair.... bet he'll be beautiful, I mean handsome! :) Congrats on the boy! I bet your brother is thrilled!

  3. He better be beautiful. If not we are sending him back.


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