26 January, 2011

mini-moon pt. I

i really miss our honeymoon. it was so much fun and so special.

we were SO excited to finally get on that plane. the thought of that plane ride was what got us through some of the more stressful, sleep-deprived moments of wedding planning.


the sunset we watched from the plane. stunning.

you should have seen us at the airport and on the plane. we were positively giddy.

on our first morning in san francisco, the first thing we wanted to do was visit the blue bottle coffee kiosk in hayes valley.

for some reason, i woke up at 6 on our first full day. i never wake up at 6 voluntarily.

coffee was a must.

waiting in line with all the other early birds.



my beautiful "gibraltar" at the tiny bar where we drank our coffee.

ready for more!


  1. We went to Blue Bottle in San Francisco the first morning we were on our honeymoon too! We walked there from our hotel in Union Square.

    Such a small world :)

  2. You guys need to more to SF. You guys would fit well in the city by the bay! =) Can't wait to hear more stories from the honeymoon!

  3. aw, i used to walk there on weekend mornings. such a fun place. did you know the owner of blue bottle married the owner of miette {the cute candy shop in hayes valley}? can you think of anything cuter?! just adding to the romance of your honeymoon. :)

  4. awwwww, kim! that's so cute and romantic! that candy store is sooooo darling. we peeked in the windows but couldn't go inside because we were there long before it opened.

  5. You are both so adorable and stylish...loved these pictures!

    Liesl :)


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