28 January, 2011

my new year's resolution...

...is to become a bit more like queen's killer queen every day.

p.s. queen's my favorite.
p.p.s. have a lovely weekend.


  1. BEST resolution. time to brush up on the laser beam skills :]

    another one i read recently that i loved (and forgive the language):
    this is going to be the year of give no fucks ever!

  2. best resolution ever. this is my favorite queen song. i wanted to name my blog killer queen...but that's actually taken in every variation ever. anyway, have a good weekend! <3

  3. Haha, I love it! It sounds like you already have most of this down. ;)

  4. hey jasmine! you've probably already gotten it from someone else, but i gave you an award on my blog yesterday. just letting you know! :] xo


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