18 January, 2011

flowers! ta-da!

before i even met levi, i decided that i would do my own flowers at my wedding. i've always loved flowers, and i figured i could make something that i would be happy with.

the week of our wedding, levi and i met our friend, colin, at the flower mart in downtown LA. he has a seller's permit, so we were able to get in before the general public. colin very generously offered to buy all the flowers for the wedding for us.

i was seriously like a kid in a candy shop.

there's something about the flower mart that energizes me. levi and i went once before to scope it out. i love how it's dark and deserted outside, then you walk in, and the entire place is bustling. it's alive with light and people and FLOWERS! and it smells amazing! even though we were there around 4:00 in the morning both times we went (and i am NOT a morning person), i instantly perked up as soon as i stepped inside.

ah, i love that place. i really do want a flower shop one day. i have the name for it!

anyway, i really hoped to have peonies and ranunculus for my wedding, but everyone told me that there was no way to make that happen in january. as it turned out, i think God kept them in season a little bit longer just for me because i was able to have both!


i chose anemones, ranunculus, peonies, spray roses, roses, china mums, and tulips for my bouquet.



and i went for peaches, whites, the softest, blush pinks i could find, and just a hint of purple. i loved the contrast of the center of the anemones in my bouquet. it tied in the black and white theme from everything else.




here's my bouquet in two of my preview photos from monica:


by monica b.

i was terrified when i started putting it together, but i'm very pleased with how it turned out!

i also made 5 smaller bridesmaids bouquets and 11 arrangements for the reception. it was soooo much fun! i wish i could go to the flower mart and arrange flowers at least once a week. it's very satisfying. i'll share the other flowers as soon as i get more photos!


  1. Yay! Look at little talented you and your beautiful bouquet!

  2. Pretty! I love your bouquet!

  3. wow . . . if i ever get married, you're hired!

  4. wow. i couldn't even pronounce half of those flowers! looks great

  5. Gorgeous! You did an amazing job. :)

  6. your flowers are gorgeous. I would love to visit the flower market

  7. You have to let me design your flower shop logo and signage! Okay, not really but I'll daydream about it anyways. :)

  8. incredible! you MUST open your own shop! you seriously have an eye for it. what a special part of your day to have done yourself!

  9. God has very good taste and you share it. Then again, peonies are my very favorite in the universe so I might be ever so slightly biased. You might like this page
    The best part about it is that you don't have to see 4am to enjoy it ;)

  10. Wow Jasmine! That is a beautiful bouquet. You got skillz, lady. You should totally open a flower shop!

  11. your bouquet is gorgeous! your photos are beautiful.

  12. how far in advance did you do your flowers? i'm recently engaged and want to do my own flowers too! i'm trying to figure out a timeline of when to buy them, when to put them together, put the flowers in vases etc... thanks!

  13. wow. your bouquet was GORGEOUS! you did such a good job!

  14. Wow you did amazing! your boquet looks amazing and you look stunning!

    Giveaway on my blog today:


  15. @janis -

    i bought all the flowers on friday morning (around 4:00 or 5:00) and got them home as quickly as possible. i trimmed all the edges at an angle, removed all the leaves from the part of the stem that would be submerged in water, and put them in buckets filled about 4-6 inches with water. i kept them in our garage because it stays really cold in there. if it's warm, you need to make sure to keep your flowers in a cool place. i did my bouquet and all the rest of the flowers the night before the wedding and kept everything in water 'til the last minute. i only took my bouquet out of water about an hour before the ceremony. hope that helps!

  16. I LOVE your bouquet! Excellent job. I also love peonies and spray roses. Great choices. :)

  17. Your bouquet is one of the prettiest I've seen Jaz, ahhh! Peonies are my favorite!

  18. That is seriously one of the prettiest bouquets I've ever seen! Great job!

  19. Seriously you are so talented! Those are the prettiest flowers ever! Wish you would have done mine for my wedding! new career??

  20. your flowers are so beautiful! nice work!

  21. Love the flowers! So 'wild' and romantic!

  22. C'est sublime !
    Les couleurs sont douces et très harmonieuses !


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