02 July, 2010

wedding planning: the bridal party

my bridal party is kind of big. i never thought i'd want a big wedding party, but levi & i kept thinking of people we really wanted up there with us.


there are going to be 7 on each side.

i've never really liked the matchy-matchy bridesmaid dress thing, so i'm letting my girls choose their own dresses in shades of cool grey.

my plan is to find a killer pair of yellow shoes in the perfect shade, and they can all wear those (if i like them enough, i'll probably wear them too).

i'm not totally sure what i'm doing for bouquets yet, but anemones will be in season, and i really like them. i also really like the idea of doing black & white bouquets. i have to pick in season flowers to cut costs. i will absolutely be doing all of the flowers by myself. hello, LA flower market!

i wasn't comfortable with the idea of choosing a maid of honor. everyone in my bridal party is special to me, so, instead, i made everyone a something of honor. most of them are silly, inside joke-ish titles, but i'm silly so it works. :)

here they are, in alphabetical order!

candace - my ear of honor
candace is the best listener i have ever met in my life.

chrystal (my sister-in-law) - my muggle of honor
chrystal & i are both harry potter nerds.
(the picture on the left is of my brother & tito when they were babies. i think they were 15 or 16...they've been together forever.)

ivy (my sister) - my mostly companion of honor
it's a phrase i got from the eloise books, & it 100% describes ivy.

kathleen - my me too of honor
when kat & i first met (i was interviewing her to be a potential roommate), every time one of us shared something about ourselves, the other would respond, "ME TOO!!" needless to say, we have a lot in common.

randy - my first boyfriend of honor
i'm having a bridesman! and yes, randy was my first boyfriend ever when i was 17. :)
(LOVE this photo of us at my brother's wedding. we were loooooong broken up by then. he is so much fun to dance with.)

i love everyone in my bridal party to pieces, and i am so grateful & honored that they agreed to be a part of this huge event in our lives.

and come on now, do i have the most attractive bridal party or what??


  1. they are definitely beautiful! And i love the dress idea! The one on right is super cute!

  2. I LOVE the dress color idea! AND especially the idea of having a bridesMAN! I (someday) plan on having my BFF stand up with me on my special day. I'm sure people will be like- what the heck? But he's my best friend and we've been through a lot and couldn't imagine him not standing next to me.

    Congrats on your engagement!

  3. Such a creative idea! I love it! Your wedding is going to be so original! I can't wait!

  4. Love the idea of pale grey and yellow shoes-never would have thought of it! good for you doing things how YOU guys want them and not all the boring things people expect. so excited for you, thanks for sharing! x

  5. first of all- congratulations on the engagement! I have been in blogging hiatus for a while and have been catching up on all my reading. Sooo happy for you!

    I agree - you all look gorgeous - it will be an amazing wedding!

  6. your wedding is going to be so amazing! i thought you might like this site: http://shop.emersonmade.com/ she has some really pretty necklaces and dresses that might be fun for your festivities!

  7. looove that your letting you girls pick their own dresses, im not into matchy matchy either :)

    yellow shoes..... fab! <3

  8. oh, your girls seem like so much fun! great ideas . . . your day is going to be fabulous.

  9. i love all the cute maid of honor names!! You are going to have the most fun at your wedding :)

  10. awesome!!!!!
    so fun
    love the dress idea...i too am not into the matchy matchy...love to have everyone put their own flavour into it
    you day will be gorgeous!
    looking forward to watching it all come together for you J!
    Love and light

  11. love the idea of yellow shoes! :)

  12. You have gorgeous friends. Just sayin.

  13. Your wedding looks amazing so far!! Basically everything you've mentioned is stuff that I would do for MY wedding- and I always dreamed of incorporating gray and yellow, too! I think deep down, plus maybe a few years added in the spread the gap- you and I are best friends.

    love, rudi

  14. I love your idea of all the --- of honors. That's so cool. I've noticed when my friends and sisters have gotten married, that's one thing they're always stressed about - how to pick the maid of honor w/o making everyone else feel bad b/c they weren't picked. You've got a great solution here!

    Oh, and love the pic of you and your boyfriend-of-honor. That's some great camera work!

  15. I love how creative you made your bridal party. such a great way to include everyone you care about.
    I love the old school pix too!

  16. OK, ok. Now I'm just going to have to go through all of your wedding archives to see all of your ideas. I LOVE that you've given everyone in your bridal party an "of honor" name. It's such a great idea and makes each person special in their own way. I can't wait to see the outcome of the big day!


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