12 July, 2010

burgers & bohemian rhapsody

levi & i had so much fun on saturday night without even trying.

i wasn't feeling really well because i'm "enjoying" my woman time right now (the IUD makes this SO much worse), so i just rolled out with no makeup, not wanting to do anything.

we went to red robin for an early bird dinner of burgers.

started with some coloring.

(look at his tongue sticking out. he's so cute.)

we came prepared.

i got my first cherry coke of the evening.

i was depressed because my burger only had like 3 drops of bbq sauce on it, and the waitress forgot to bring me the side i asked for so i finished it flavor-less.

after dinner, we got an americano and walked around the cerritos mall just talking and looking at stuff (i never go to that mall, so it was a new experience...my mall is south coast plaza, always & forever).

when we got home, we listened to pandora's "hey jude radio" on levi's iPhone in our bedroom. levi fell asleep while i played around on his phone.

he took the perfect little catnap and woke up right before my brother & sister-in-law called to see if we had eaten dinner. we weren't hungry, but we wanted to see them, so i had another cherry coke & levi had a milkshake.

on the way home, bohemian rhapsody came on hey jude radio. have i ever told you how much i LOVE this song??? 'cause i do. i know every single word. my sister & i made the most embarrassing video of us singing it 5 years ago. levi saw it first the time on my birthday this year. since he's engaged to me now, i figured i could trust him not to run after watching the video.

annnnyway, i sang my ASS off to that song in the car. levi even did extra laps around the block so i could finish my performance. it was epic.

so basically, it was an unexpectedly perfect evening.

with the LOVE OF MY LIFE.

my future husband.

my fiancé.

my levi.

he's so cute when he sleeps.


  1. the last picture is my favorite ever!

  2. You are such beautiful couple!!!

    Love your blog!!


  3. I'm just glad you said it first, so I can agree with you and not sound creepy-
    Levi IS super cute when he sleeps. My boyfriend's mouth hangs open.
    I want a Levi.

    love, rudi

  4. This might be too personal, but I'm interested in your experience with having an IUD. Which one do you have/was it extremely painful to get, etc...

    All I'm getting is super scary reviews on forums, that I am hesitant to believe 100% .


  5. You two are adorable!

    Oh, and "Bohemian Rhapsody" on Glee = UH-MAZING. I think Freddie would be proud.


  6. Hi. It is really cute that you guys color.

  7. i love to color too! the sleepy pic is very cute

  8. aww the pictures you took while he was sleeping are way too precious; i just love them so much... :)

  9. You guys are sooo cute!! It is like a fairy tale! All my best and continue having FUN FUN FUN!!

    Hugs from France!

  10. Just found your blog and I'm just about in love with you and it. Fab.


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