15 July, 2010

hi, i turned 60 over the weekend.

i think this outfit makes me look like a 60 year old who is about to paint her living room...but i kinda love it...and i wore it all last weekend.

i'm a big believer in the weekend uniform.

and because standing and smiling at the camera in the blinding sun can get old:

other things that make me 60:

- my creaky joints in the morning
- my irritation at loud neighbors
- my constant references to how things used to be done so much better in "my day" (like the way subway used to cut their bread and the music of the 90s...more on that here)

actually, maybe these things make me closer to 95.

it all evens out though because plenty of things i like, say, and do liken me to a 12 year old.

maybe when i become jasmine myers, i'll start acting my age...whatever that means.


  1. personally I love the outfit! Though I'll admit, I'm a little old for a 28 yr old! Oh well!

  2. you are so funny!! i think i love it because i can totally relate though... ;)

  3. You're a pretty hot 'n spry 60 year old! And I like the look of your neighbourhood - it's so cool when all the houses in a street are so different!

  4. I was just thinking about the Subway bread cutting thing the other day! So true...some things were better back then. I joke all the time to my friends that I am the resident grandma because I knit and sew all the time, prefer to stay home and read and drink tea in the evenings, go to bed by midnight--on the weekends, and I wear orthopedic shoes (ie. clogs)... And wearing a mini-skirt DOESN'T make you a grannie... :)

  5. I actually adore that top. You look darling!

  6. I have the same shoes and LOVE them... whole out fit is cute!

    Loved finding your blog today..


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