13 July, 2010

reenactment of a tennis crime

it started out like any other time we've played tennis together.

we stretched.

rallied for a little bit. hit a few serves. then we started our first game.

i was losing...AGAIN.

and i kinda lost my temper.

and i kinda threw my racket.

and i kinda broke it...like a moron.

here is a dramatization:

(grrrr. i'm scary.)

and here is the damage:

i was SO sad. and so angry with myself. i'm kinda fake pouting here, but i did actually start crying right when this picture was taken.

it all ended well though. levi forgave me for being an idiot.

and then he even said we could buy a new racket for me the next day, which i knew i completely did NOT deserve. but he said that i probably needed a new one anyway since mine was a hand-me-down that i got 13 years ago.

really, i don't deserve levi. he truly does love me unconditionally. i hope i can learn a thing or two from him as his wife.

lesson number one: don't throw your tennis racket. EVER.


  1. My boyfriend is the same way. I can easily get in a bad mood, but once I'm in that bad mood, I can't just 'click' to happy again. If we have an argument, he can just be like "ok, I'm done, I'm fine now" where as I totally can't. Ya, he puts up with me pretty darn well!

  2. it really doesn't do any good to get angry. i found that out about 25 years ago. anger is your choice.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. This is the cutest/sweetest post! How perfectly matched you two are! :)

  4. such a cute post! Love the pics!

  5. I'm just really impressed at how flexible you are!

  6. Or maybe the REAL lesson is: throw your old tennis racket, and you'll get a new one the next day. Ha!


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