19 July, 2010

the rules

some of these may seem like statements or opinions, but they're not. they're the rules.

1. my morning jacket always gets a thumbs up on pandora.

2. all clothes are washed in cold water. sheets & towels in hot.

3. no onions on anything.

4. nonfat milk is gross. we don't drink that.

5. no sunburns.

6. i don't like showering most of the time, and i hate washing my hair all of the time.

7. no talking to levi before his morning coffee.

8. no not talking to jasmine for at least 15 minutes before we fall asleep.
(when levi read this one, he bitterly said, "more like 30-60.")

9. and finally, no crocs, snuggies, or twilight in the house. PERIOD.
(i'm really alienating myself with this last one.)

them's the rules. ya heard?


  1. i 100% agree with all of these!

  2. what do you mean no not talking? and no twilight? that's unreal.

  3. #1, #2, #3...same rules apply in my house :)

  4. I second the don't like showering one haha. Even though my boyfriend finds it gross that I avoid showering until I go out, it's just so...annoying!

  5. hahaha no crocs, snuggies, or twilight in ours either!

  6. You seem to not be alienating as many people as you though with that last one. i have long been a hater of crocs, and those Twilight movies are really, really bad, but sometimes good if you need a laugh - mystery science theater style.

  7. i love this. i definitely have alienated myself from twilight as well. mmm hmmm

  8. i agree w/ washing clothes in cold water and absolutely no twilight in the house, but i actually like skim milk! :)

  9. I love that shot! and I do the same with number 2

  10. Good girl! Ima hatin' crocs and Twilight. Can I keep my snuggie, though, if I promise never to bring it out when you're around? It's just too perfect after hot tubbing in the snow.

  11. haha! you can keep your snuggie, reyna. honestly, i'll bet if i was willing to try one out, i'd love it.

  12. Finally. no, really, FINALLY! I have found another human on this earth who doesn't like showering or washing her hair.

    We should start a club.

    It's just so, so time consuming.

  13. Jasmine, your rules RULE!!

  14. 1,2,6 and 9 my absolute rules too :)

  15. heehee, I have not washed my hair for over 3 months, as an experiment. I tell you, shampoo and conditioner is a conspiracy theory. It.is.not.needed.

  16. I think I could live by your rules.


  17. Haha, you're totally cracking me up.
    I live by about 1/2 of these... and though I swore up and down that crocs would never come into this home... I've been contemplating getting my daughter a tiny pair for the EASE of it all.

    (Or maybe I'll just buy her mini-birks to match mama's.....)

  18. These are hilarious! Heart the "No Twilight" one! And what the crap is up with Snuggies anyway?

    But I gotta say... I love skim milk! AAAGHHHH! (yeah, I went there.) :0)

    Love your blog btw!

  19. That list is just oh so great. We're living so according to almost all of them. And yeah to number 6. I hate showering. Though my little hon' can't understand it for the life of his.


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