16 July, 2010

it's friday, so i don't have to come up with a title for this post.

i really really want a custom couple's portrait from tuesday mourning.

see? this could be us:

i love merrilee's style. i'm thinking levi & i might have to buy a portrait as a wedding gift to ourselves. maybe after the wedding when we're the myerses! :)

so yeah, can you believe it's friday already?? huh? what? how did that happen?

the plans for this weekend include:

- cleaning our pig sty of a house. it is seriously divided into a series of piles - dish pile, clothes pile, random crap pile. i can't stand it anymore! i gotta clean this place!

- finishing up the save-the-dates...even though this was supposed to be done last weekend. ooops. :/

- church, donuts, & coffee

- tennis! my game has improved about 100% since getting my new racket. even though i feel horrible for breaking my old one, it turns out i really needed a new one.

- work...i never mentioned it on here, but i got a new job! i'm a ghostwriter for a company that sells articles to websites. i get to work from home and write on my own time! not too shabby.

i hope you all have great weekends! make sure to wear sunscreen & drink lots of water 'cause it's hot out there!


  1. love your picture! have a great weekend.

  2. Congrats on the new job. And yes to portraits. They are the cutest.

  3. sooo cute! i want one too

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  5. love the portraits! i think you two should get one :)
    congrats on the new job! and hi! i just started reading and i think your blog is adorable. congrats on the engagement and i can't wait to hear more about your wedding! have a great weekend :)

  6. congrats on the new job!!! it sounds awesome :)

    and i love those illustrations - they are so sweet - as is your picture!

  7. i need cute couple pics with my boyfriend like you do :P adorable portrait too!

  8. That picture of you and Levi is GORGEOUS


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