20 May, 2011

jason segel

the other night, i had a dream that i was dating jason segel. he was a really sweet boyfriend, by the way.

i forgot about this dream until i saw an ad for a new movie last night.

when the ad came on, i said to levi, "hey! i just remembered that i had a dream i was dating jason segel!" just to be clear, levi and i don't do that whole fake boyfriend/fake girlfriend thing. we don't have a freebie list. we don't talk about celebrity crushes. i, honestly, don't even have any celebrity crushes*. the only crush i have is on my husband. gag me, i know.

so i was surprised when levi laughed and said, "i ain't mad at you. you go get him, baby."

we really like jason segel.

*actually, i have always sort of had a thing for darrell hammond as bill clinton...


  1. haha so funny! "go get him, baby!" and darrell hammond! you are the cutest!

  2. I wish Jason Segel was reading your blog, so he could just think : "I'm so jealous of this levi"

  3. @Jul's hahaha! i wish that would happen too!

  4. i looove jason segel. do you want how i met your mother? looove it.

  5. Lol - ahhh that's such a sweet response from him. He's a keeper!


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