02 May, 2011

abbot kinney photo shoot

last monday, levi and i met up with kim and her boyfriend, andre, in venice for a little photo shoot.

we had soooooo much fun hanging out with them all day and having our picture taken! i usually hate having my picture taken, but kim and andre made the whole experience really fun and lighthearted.

it didn't hurt that we were in the most beautiful neighborhood. levi and i decided that we're going to move there in about a year. seriously. we really are. i'm very very excited.

but annnnnnyway, kim posted the photos on her blog today!!! and we love them.

here are a few, and you can find the rest here:







we had so much fun. thank you, kim & andre! we can't wait to hang out again!

(kim's post of the photo shoot, with more photos, here)


  1. Awwww adorable pics! Love your shoes too btw :)

  2. Love these so much! You two are the cutest things around and I die for your outfit. Looked at all of them and I love that they are just like she followed you guys around and got snippets of your life. Gorgeous!

  3. LOVE the photos Jas! You two are such an adorable couple :-) I looked at the other ones too, so so beautiful!

  4. i love the candid style. great shots (and you're a natural!)

  5. these are cute photos!

    i started laughing because my husband also has that same shirt.

  6. I like them a lot! They are very romantic I think!

  7. where are you clogs from. they are amazing.

  8. i'm obsessed with these photos:) you two are just so sweet together. what a special little bond you have. it's inspiring:)

  9. Those shoes are totally bitchin'!

  10. This photo shoot is great. You two look adorable and so in love in each shot.

  11. where are those awesome sunglasses from?


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