24 May, 2011

baby shower!

my little nephew is coming soon!!! probably some time in the middle of june... right around my birthday!

my mom, my sister, levi, and i threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, chrystal, and my brother, zachary. we decided it would be fun to include the boys in the baby shower festivities. it was funny to see them there.

we didn't really have a theme for the shower, but we did stick to a color scheme of blue, green, and yellow. we were all very pleased with how it turned out... despite the fact that i was running around in my SLIP when guests were supposed to start arriving, and we didn't finish the food until one minute before the first guest showed up. that morning was madness!!

the food & décor:



i made confetti by hand with card stock in different shades of blue and different sized hole punches. my mom found that tablecloth at target, and i want to steal it from her sooooo bad. i love it.


we served tea sandwiches.



these fruit tarts were super easy to make. i found pre-made pastry shells and whipped up the filling with some mascarpone cheese, cream, and sugar, then topped them with fresh fruit that had been tossed in an apricot glaze. they were a big hit!



i used some of the apothecary jars, scoops, and tongs i bought for my wedding to set up a candy bar. i used two different blue ribbons to wrap around the jars and attach labels made from index cards.




we served macaroni and cheese in a variety of little bowls and goblets. my mom already had most of them. she borrowed some and bought the rest. a few of them were actually made by my brother when he was in high school! i loved the little metal muffin tins.



we had a variety of bottled sodas.




another purchase of my mom's that i'd like to steal...


striped paper straws for the soda!



my mom got a bunch of balloons and strung fairy lights in the living room. she went to pick up the balloons that morning and had to have my sister come get her because her car was so full. the call we got was soooo funny. she was all freaked out because they kept popping right next to her head.



chrystal & zachary on their wedding day!


the party:


one of the games we played was make-a-baby-out-of-play-doh.


hilarious interpretation.


zachary took the game very seriously.



my mom, sister, and i held up score cards to judge everyone's play-doh babies.



time for presents! initially, we put levi in charge of writing down all the gifts... hilarious. he didn't know what half the things were, and he was trying to write down every single detail. haha! isn't it funny what we, women, know how to do from years of party planning and shower-going?


my nephew's name is going to be jack. how cute is this gift?? and how pretty is chrystal??! (not the best picture of my brother. sorry for the bad angle, brov!)


the aftermath:



  1. This shower looks like so much fun! I can't wait to steal your play doh idea :) Enjoy your soon to be niece or nephew!!!

  2. This looks like such a cute shower. Congrats to your sister-in-law!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL set up! I don't believe I've ever seen a baby shower set up that nicely and with that much love!

  4. OK this is totally random! I read your blog all the time and I really like it :) SO, I live in London and most days I get the tube to work, and as I walk through the station I see a poster advertising the musical Chicago...and the girl who is in the poster looks just like you! So basically, it makes me think of you and your blog every morning! Are you creeped out?! Haha! Anyway, love your blog, keep up the good work! Katie x

  5. you guys did such a great job with all the decorations.. and you MADE confetti.. that's awesome, I would never have the patience to do that!

  6. Wow, that shower is seriously impressive. It looks like you guys put so much thought into it.

  7. Precious! So many great ideas!
    And congratulations on becoming an aunt!
    PS LO-OVE your dress and the belt!

  8. Aww what a fun and festive party Jas! You're going to be an Auntie soon, so exciting :-)

  9. So fun! I love the straws - where'd you find those?

  10. what a cute and fun baby shower! i love the mac n cheese dishes!


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