21 May, 2011

babies. *not pregnant.

can i talk about babies here?

yes, i think so.

sooooo, baaaaabies.

i would like some.

my desire for a baby is getting stronger and stronger. levi and i have a plan, and we intend to stick to it... but still, if i'm being honest, i don't think i'd be upset if a baby came earlier than scheduled.

there are so many things i want to be on top of before i get pregnant. i want to be REALLY on top of my diet and exercise. i want to be secure in my body image. i want to feel more contentment with my life. these are things that i've been working really hard on in therapy this year.

and obviously, i want us to be financially stable.

i would love it if levi and i could travel more before we have children too... but i think a baby will come first for us. who says you can't travel with a baby anyway? i don't intend to let a baby make it so we can't do annnnything. i want our children to have as many amazing experiences as we can provide for them anyway. family travel would be awesome.

and while we're on the subject, i think i'd really like to have four babies. of course, i haven't even had one yet, so i may change my mind later. and levi isn't too sure about four... he likes the idea of three. but, just in case, we have four full names picked out - two for girls and two for boys. apparently, i think i have some control in the matter. ;)

the decision to start a family is so crazy to me. it's complex and simple. it's something i can't wait for and something i really can wait for. i know i'll never feel entirely ready, but i don't feel unready either.

so for now, baby is a goal for me. it's a phase in life i'm working towards. it's a very motivating goal, and it's something i think about every day.

'cause don't you think levi will make such a great papa?? i do!


  1. Being a momma is the absolute best. I have three but 4 is my desired number too. (20 if we're being really honest but that's just not feasible) :)

  2. Oh my, we sound exactly alike here! I am dying for a baby right now too...I still need to get some things in order too! Pretty much the same things you said! Good luck with getting Levi on board with the baby band waggon! :) I love your blog!

  3. ah. get out of my head lady! i feel exactly the same way. "it's complex and simple at the same time." amen.

  4. um. YES levi would be an amazing dad.
    love it.

  5. I just schedule a post about my baby fever! Such a cute post! It's really hard when you think about when you SHOULD x when you want to have a baby. I'd love to have one now. Just not the time though... I love to hear that other wives go through the same kind of questioning. Love it :)

    xoxo, Ana
    My (Newly)Wed Life

  6. I think you'll both be wonderful parents! I feel the same as you! We talk about it all the time, but it's not the ideal time yet ha. We want 4 too, but everyone we know stopped at 2 so..ya never know

  7. I'm a total roller coaster when it comes to the subject of babies. One minute I want them (7 of them) - the next I don't. One minute it makes so much sense (it is life, afterall!), the next minute I can't understand why anybody would ever have a baby. Ever.

    It's hard because we're fortunate enough to be in the perfect position to go forth and procreate - we've got enough money, a support system, our health, etc. but it feels like there will never be a 'right' time.


  8. They always say there is never a right time to have a baby. This is what my fiance and I are telling each other, seeing as we just found out 2 weeks ago we are expecting.

    We're not financially stable, my diet and exercise isn't where I want it to be and we certainly haven't done everything we wanted to do pre-babies (like get married for a start!!)

    When it happens, it happens and you just make yourself ready! I think that is why you get 9 months to prepare :-)

    Go for it!

  9. I know the feeling! My husband and I have started trying, and it's exciting and nervewracking at the same time. On the one hand I wonder if we shouldn't do more first, but on the other hand - how fun will it be to travel with kiddos and share our adventures with them? Having kids doesn't have to mean that you have to give up your dreams.

  10. I get the feeling that you would be a wonderful mum. I understand where you're coming from regarding the not where you want to be when having a babe. This blog & particularly this post are great about staying who you are as yourself, a couple after baby. And also, of course, that life altering changes that are inevitable.


    babies are wonderful.

  11. Yeah definitely don't wait. I mean, be married for a year or two - it's good to get to know your spouse first -- but then go for it. You'll never be perfect enough in your own mind to be a mother, so jumping right in is best. Don't worry - no one else is perfect either.

    And yes! Definitely travel with your kids. I've only known one couple that didn't change their lives when they had kids, and I so admire them for it. When I have kids, I'm definitely dragging them everywhere. What better way to teach them things than to show them the world!

  12. I've got baby fever too. I can relate. There are a few obstacles I'd like to overcome before starting a family, though my siblings with children scoff and tell me that there's never a right time and that you always are able to make things work, regardless of your finances/living situation/.etc. I see their point but I still feel like if I can wait to make a few big changes (sell my condo, and finish grad school), then why not?

    Also, parents like to tell us that we can say goodbye to our social, active lifestyle once we have a baby. I don't really know what to make of that, seeing how our interests are pretty mild, aside from a yearly vacation. Perhaps I'm naive, but I feel like a baby would fit into our routine of dog walks, farmers markets, hiking trails and movie nights. I know it's hard and not the same, but surely its not the gloom and doom prophesied life these harried moms speak of? What do you think?

  13. this is cute. me too, one day!!


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