23 June, 2011

My Tangled Birthday Party

So.... remember when I saw Tangled and was really obsessed with it?

Still am.

For my birthday party this year, I got this crazy idea to have an outdoor showing of Tangled, and somehow Levi was able to actually pull it off! One of our friends had a projector he let us borrow, and our friends with the most incredible backyard in the world had everything else we needed.... including the perfect place to watch the movie.

So on saturday night, we headed up to topanga canyon for my Tangled birthday party. I should be more embarrassed than I am to admit that I had a Tangled birthday party.

I wanted a really small gathering this year, so I didn't really invite anyone. It was just me, Levi, my mom, my sister, and a few of our friends - Will, Drew, and Ed. I love those boys.

(That's part of the backyard... Will and Drew actually call it the garden though because Drew is from england... and it's too massive and incredible to be called a backyard. You can see more photos in the garden here.)


(Our dinner complete with virgin mojitos... my latest favorite thing.)

(This was our little outdoor movie theatre.)

(That's me pretending to have long hair...)

(Hammin it up just like I've been doing since birth. I thought it was hilarious and sweet that Will and Drew got that little Rapunzel happy birthday banner for me.)

(Coolest birthday present ever. One of Will and Drew's friends was in the movie so he gave them this souvenir coin from the Hollywood premiere! And they gave it to me! I think it's really cool.)

(blurry coconut cream cake)

Watching the movie:



The night was sprinkled with anxiety because we got the call that my brother and sister-in-law were going to the hospital while we were on the way. As soon as we heard that they had finally been admitted to the hospital, we packed up and left... so the movie was cut short (even though we could have stayed because the baby didn't come til 5:30 in the morning...). It was still a really fun night though, and it was so sweet that everyone went to so much trouble so that I could watch Tangled outside for my birthday. :)

I have really great people in my life.


  1. That is so awesome it looks like it would have been so mch fun.

  2. so, so adorable!! and, so creative!

  3. so wish i could have been there. today i will watch tangled in your honor. i love you.

  4. Um, yea! Best birthday party ever! I'm green with envy and already planning on copying you! :)

  5. That is the cutest birthday party EVER! Seriously, I love you so much more after reading this.

  6. outdoor movie parties are the best!

    i just watched tangled last night, and loved it. it's fitting for this day in age princess movie.

  7. Oh my gosh! your birthday was magical!! I wish so bad I was there. love it!

  8. That's awesome! And can you pleeeeease pass on the recipe for a virgin mojito?

    (Also, Tangled wasn't high on my list to see until you flat out declared its amazingness. So I watched it. And as soon as it was done, I watched it again. UH.MAY.ZING.)

  9. I love that you have a movie projector! I think those things are so cool but everyone I know tries to talk me out of getting one. You're re-inspiring me though!

  10. That is both sweet and adorable!

  11. WOW! That looks so amazing! What a great time you must have had! Your fav movie with your favorite people!

  12. That sounds like such a wonderful birthday. I love when the people you love go to so much effort to make sure that you have such a special day. And a coin from the premire? SO cool.

  13. I wish I didn't have a stupid baby that night :(


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