07 June, 2011

high rollers

on saturday night, we went to congregation ale house to share a burger and drink some beers.

i enjoyed a glass of framboise (one of my favorites) and the dark, gothic d├ęcor.



overall, we really liked this place, and we'll be back! all the food was great, except for the dessert. ugh. it was AWFUL. we ordered a chocolate molten tart, and i swear the brownies i make out of the box are better. not good at all. but the burgers, fries, and pretzel were delicious.

and after that, we decided to really go hog wild. we went to target. 'cause that's what cool people like us do on a saturday night... go to target... and take pictures of themselves...

(ahhh, gotta love how the fluorescent lights in target turn everything a sickly, jaundice color.)



(this is what i look like when i'm reading, on the computer, or concentrating on something. terrifying, right?? i look like i'm trying to bore a hole through the pages with my laser beam eyes.)

but seriously, target on a saturday night is my favorite. it's not busy, but the people who are there are always interesting to watch. we actually spent an hour there on new year's eve last year.... and it was hilarious and so much fun. i highly recommend it.

so that's what a couple of high rollers do on a saturday night. take notes.


  1. hilarious!! my husband and i are totally ones to do the target/magazine rack saturday date night.

    yes, glad to know we're not alone in this!

  2. hahaha you reading that magazine is great. I love other people's little quirks. I also LOVE your baby pig tails, they're so cute!

    (& your outfit!)

  3. Omg so my twin sister just moved in with Ivy this weekend and I heard about your blog and started reading it last night and have completely read your entire blog within the last day i loved it so much i laughed i cried i laughed so more thank you for being such a inspirational and open person!

  4. Beers! I liked that part. That places looks like my kind of place!

  5. I love target on Saturday nights! I am pretty much obsessed with Target in general.

  6. On Saturday I reorganized my closet, I'm just crazy like that :)

  7. It sounds like a great night out, I'll be happy to spend a week end night doing shopping or simply wandering around shops.
    You have a wanderful blog lady!!
    Have a nice day

  8. Oooooh that looks like an awesome restaurant! And I love Target as well. I could just forward my whole paycheck to them.

  9. Tim and I do this all the time! We love spending time at Target. It's one of our favorite date night activities. You look so cute concentrating! Reminds me of Meg Ryan. :]

  10. I love going to target at night, except we always seem to run into someone at target. Now I just need to talk my husband into wanting to go there, because I like to spend a long time in there.

  11. I love your posts! They always make me smile. :)

  12. Love the pics, Jasmine!

    I'm right there with you on Sat. night Target shopping!
    Guess what?! I used to do that ALL the time in San Diego- when I didn't feel like going out dancing- I'd head over to Target about an hour before closing, take a shopping cart and wheel down all the aisles- until they announced 10 minutes before the store closed- then I'd take stuff out of the basket that I said- PASS on ... and went to the cashiers to do my damage!!!


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