15 June, 2011

In the Neighborhood

These are some shots from around our neighborhood.

(gorgeous, full, garden roses)

(I love this yard. It's situated on a corner, so it comes to a point.)



(I love this house. It's so colorful with all the flowers and plants. It looks like a cheerful place to live.)

P.S. This post has the Sesame Street song, These Are the People in Your Neighborhood, stuck in my head...


Anonymous said...

i love love love those pink roses in the first photo. my neighbor has those roses growing all over her fence and i think it's so pretty.

LabelSnob said...

Your neighborhood is beautiful!!!
What a wonderful place to stroll around and snap pretty photos!

Lai Yen Yi said...

when I see the house, the first think is --------it's wonderful!

Unknown said...

thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! I really enjoy that type of thing. I love the house on the bottom!

Unknown said...

You live in a great neighborhood. I love how colorful it is, and how it's nice and warm in California so everyone has flowers.

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