13 June, 2011

Balboa, Bananas, and Bad Moods

Last week, we went to balboa for frozen bananas.

I was in a really crabby mood (which shows in the first picture below), but the combination of chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, sunshine, sparkling water, a walk, and a very brave pelican snapped me out of it by the time we got back in the car. Sometimes I need to just get over myself and look at the world around me. It does wonders.


(half sprinkles, half peanuts)

(This has become one of my favorite photos. It needs a frame for sure.)

(This little girl wanted to go up and touch the pelican soooo bad.)




  1. We are so the same. There are so many times I am in a bad for no real reason, and I just need to get over myself!

    I love the picture of Levi and the pelican! It does indeed need a frame!

  2. oooh this combination of things sounds like the perfect cure for a bad mood.

    and yes. that picture is priceless.

    i want a frozen banana.

  3. okay, 1... did you ever watch arrested development?? i always think of that with frozen bananas.

    and that photo of levi & the pelican IS priceless!!

    man, indiana looks so boring compared to california. i mean, i still love my current home, but i really love the ocean too. and funny pelicans.

  4. If I could have a frozen banana whenever I was in a bad mood, I'd have a lot of intentional bad moods! :-P

  5. That picture of the pelican and Levi is the cutest thing! What a gorgeous place!

  6. these pictures are so cute Jasmine, and I especially love the picture of the little girl. Also, I think I've tried one of those frozen bananas before at the westfield mall near our place. If it's the same company then it was SOOO good.

  7. this post made me so hungry for a frozen chocolate banana! haha

  8. I have never had a frozen banana, but suddenly I feel like I should.

    The expression on that little girl's face is just priceless!

  9. That sounds like the best date! I love pelicans. I wish they hung out in my 'hood.

  10. I love the grumpy picture! You're totally channeling Vivien Leigh with that one eyebrow ;)

  11. How much fun was that? I love the sunshine too!

  12. Ummm,,, I just don't understand one thing. I thought this blog was about poverty. How can afford frozen bananas!!!! I think you need to change the name of your blog or stop eating!!!

    Hahaha, Love you

  13. Wait... Where is this place? I want to go! Somewhere in LA I presume? I'm looking it up as we speak.

  14. @Dylan Fitzgerald - hahaha! you're totally right. i like that. :)

    @hunter HAHHAHAHA! oh zachary, you're so clever.

    @e.r.a. you should definitely go! it's really cute. it's called balboa island, and it's in newport beach.

  15. hahaha that picture with of levi with the pelican is hilarious!!!
    and those frozen bananas look delicious!


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