14 June, 2011

My 2011 Birthday Wish List

So, I'm turning 29 on Friday. Yay! I cannot believe that I'm celebrating the last birthday of my twenties this year! Usually, I get a bit stressed over these types of things, but that feels ridiculous this year. My thirties are going to be AMAZING. There's nothing to fear!

I don't have much of a birthday wish list this year. I have felt so blessed this past year, and I've gotten to do quite a bit of shopping over the last few months... so I'm really not chomping at the bit for any special birthday presents. Obviously, there's always something pretty that I've got my eye on, but I just feel really content with my possessions lately (and I'm MUCH more content with my life as a whole right now too). I have plenty of pretty clothes and nice shoes. I get to go to Portland at the end of the month and to San Francisco TWICE before the year is over. So... I'm good.

With that in mind, this is my wish list for my 29th birthday:

1. excellent health
2. opportunity
3. drive
4. success
5. increased intimacy with everyone i love

For myself, my husband, my family, and my friends.

And maybe a nice pair of yoga pants.


  1. super sweet.

    humbling really.

    best wishes!

  2. Happy birthday! I think five is a good way to say an elusive thing :)

  3. Love your list and hope that 29 is as fun and full of life as you are! Happy Early Birthday!!!

    Liesl :)

  4. i knew i liked you. 1982 was the BEST birth year EVER! i'll be turning the choice age of 29 this fall.

    enjoy the last year of twenties my dear!

  5. Oh! Happy Birthday in advance (I'll probably send you another message on Friday) I hope 29 is the best year yet, and wouldn't it be fun if you got to share your birthday with your little nephew? Cuuteee!


  6. best birthday wishlist ever! :)

  7. this post makes me feel SOOOO lame for everything i blogged on my birthday list.

  8. i wish all of this and more for you, sweet friend.

  9. I hope you get everything you want!

  10. so good to see you today at anthro! you make me want to count my blessings! thank you for such a happy post! i hope your birthday is everything you hope for.

  11. Excellent wishes, this makes me rethink the things I'm wanting for my birthday.

  12. i wish you all these things and more! hope you have a fantastic birhtday on friday! xx

  13. I like the last thing you added on...very cute!

  14. We share the same bday! Hope your day is filled with love!

  15. Hope you have a beautiful/ wonderful birthday on Friday! And I hope you get all the things you wished for :)

  16. What a wonderful wish list for any age! Happy Birthday to you two days early!

  17. happy nearly birthday! And that's great you get to come visit Portland (I live here & love it). Have a great trip & let me know if you need any Portland deets. I look forward to seeing my city through your camera :)


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