16 June, 2011

Getting Dressed: Circle Skirt

I wore this outfit to go out to dinner with Levi at Russo's in Naples. They have really yummy coconut shrimp, so I thought they were worthy of this black circle skirt's maiden voyage.

photo 1_2

Top: J.Crew
Skirt: ModCloth
Espadrille flats: J.Crew


  1. Love love and love! Cute picture(s) too! Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  2. Cute! Love the skirt with striped top!

  3. yeah this outfit is fab.

    just like YOU.

    ps its 1 am. issssyouuurrrrbirrrfffdddayyyyyy....

  4. Stunning =) and tiniest waste ever!! If today(the 17th) is your birthday then I hope someone is making you one of thoes lemon suprise cakes!

  5. Very cute outfit! It reminds me of Paris.

  6. Love, love, love this outfit! And even more important...happy birthday!

  7. you are too adorable! you look so happy :)


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