04 May, 2010

kathleen & john tie the knot!

we went to a wedding sunday evening.

it was the beautiful wedding of my gorgeous friend, kathleen and her husband, john.

we had a great time.

the bride & the groom:

some cheesy posing during cocktail hour:

we smuggled some "juice boxes" into the reception (mini wines in a box from target - classy, i know)

i love weddings.

**update: john is a lying bastard. :( but kathleen is awesome.


  1. How cute are you guys!? I'm crushing on your outfit.

  2. jasmine. i adore you. this is so fun!

  3. These pictures make me ache for that kind of beautiful weather to come to Provo, already! Looks like it was fun :)

  4. You two are so lovely :)

  5. your outfit is adorable!! and i'm totally snagging wine juice boxes during my next target trip, which i hope is very soon.

    xo Julia

  6. There are mini wine boxes at Target?

  7. jasmine, you are too cute! i want your hair, outfits, personality :) . . . and boy, weddings sound so much more fun outside of utah haha. i don't think i've even BEEN to a wedding where there was alcohol. no joke.
    i hope you're doing well! your pictures make me happy :)

  8. i love your skirt! so adorbale!!

  9. OMG They make wine juice boxes?! That's the greatest invention EVER! I'm SOOOO buying some.

  10. You guys are so cute, looks like a fun time!

  11. You two are so much fun and just far to adorable!! xo

  12. Ah HAA! You guys are so adorable!!!

    love, rudi

  13. These pictures are great!
    I love weddings too!


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