12 May, 2010

disposable cameras at weddings are fun.

here are some more pictures from kathleen & john's wedding.

this one's great because i have no idea what was going on. i basically just walked by and crashed the photo.

i tried to pick just one of these...but i like them both. :) also, i miss film! it looks so much different than digital photos. i like it.

this photo is amazing and let me tell you why. kathleen was walking down the aisle, and everyone is still standing. i was bawling. like weeping. if you look closely, or maybe if you enlarge this one by clicking on it, you can see my lower lip jutting out. haha!

i wish i could go to the wedding of a good friend at least once a month. they're too much fun.


  1. Ummm.... you too look GORGEOUS!

  2. LoL at you in the background crying...that is cute...thanks for the morning giggle :)

    weddings are fun, why do we always cry at weddings though? lol

    have a blessed day,


  3. i love weddings too. and i always cry! love the two pictures of you and levi! so cute!!!! have a good day.

  4. i love disposable cameras! i fit one in my digital camera bag, so i always have both with me!

  5. You exude such a huge passion for life in every photo! I always think you would make an awesome friend. :)

  6. I LOVE disposable cameras at weddings, you can get such great pictures from them.

  7. aw, I love those photos! that is the face I make when I am happy/crying. :)

  8. every photo of my best friends wedding from last month I am crying, I love a good wedding.

    and hurray for film :)

  9. I haven't stopped by your blog in quite some time. You are looking STUNNING!!


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