17 May, 2010

silly animal video

this is gretel playing the piano. she was very unhappy about it. you can kind of see the irritation on her face, and she was growling at me. (you can't hear the growling on the video.) she actually growls at me fairly frequently. i'm always provoking her. she's a good little girl though. she never retaliates. she just lets me know when she's annoyed.


  1. Hahaha, you are ridiculous! That is so funny! Also, Gretel has grown so much.

  2. I heard that song from the Aristocrats the whole time this was playing

  3. Gretel is super cute. I love her playing the piano, adorable!

  4. hahaha She's hilarious, she just let's you do whatever.

  5. She's pretty tolerant. she's also a very pretty cat. Maybe she can play at carnegie hall someday....


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