24 May, 2010

a favor, please?

good morning!

i was wondering if any of you could send me any winter wedding magazines that you'd be willing to part with?

all of the spring & summer wedding magazines out right now are making me long for a spring wedding. i need some winter inspiration for our january wedding!

i am, of course, looking at wedding blogs & websites constantly, but there's just something about a physical magazine. i love them.

i would be so grateful!

thank you!


  1. what's your address (ha. email me - I'm sure you'd LOVE to post it for the world.) I might have some things for you!

    p.s. Congratulations!!!!!


  2. CONGRATS!! I just got married April 24th and couldn't he happier! I would send you mags but mine are spring! Have fun! :)

  3. oooh, January should be beautiful! i did not purchase, borrow or glance at a single wedding magazine my entire engagement! can you believe that? otherwise, i'd be happy to send 'em your way.

  4. Check out the last 2 months of posts on Style Me Pretty for photos from this past years winter weddings :)
    PS-im having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful carafe :)

  5. i might have a few! where should I send them?

  6. I was looking for a British girl I know who has a wedding blog that is awesome to share with you. I will keep trying to find her and send you the address later. xo

  7. January, huh? i'm so excited for you!!!!

  8. You should check out wedding blogs and photographers with posts from the winter time. I fell into one such blog today and they had the cutest cupcake pyramid with a cake on top instead of a traditional wedding cake. Congratulations and BTW I simply ADORE your super happy day outfit <3
    X, Becca

  9. you can order back issues of StyleGuide, which is an amazing wedding magazine lots of ideas and details, but a cheaper option is to buy the online mag check out the site, http://styleguide.com.au/ congratulation and good luck


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