21 May, 2010

oh hey

did i mention that levi caught the garter at kathleen & john's wedding?

(all photos by ohana)

the laughter in this one may be due to my reaction...

here she comes....

and there she is.

thanks, john. i owe you one.


  1. how rad! I've always wondered if the people who catch it really get married... now I know!!

  2. That is so adorable. I can only imagine what your face looked like when you realized he caught it. Yay! Love you!

  3. What Jasi forgot to mention in this post:

    After Levi caught the garter, Jasmine (watching intently from the sidelines) fist pumps both arms into the air and yells, "That's ME!!!"

    She then LEAPS over to Levi, huge grins spreading acorss both of their faces. She turns to me and says, "I made him PROMISE to try!"

    Pictures ensue.

    Just another reason (on a long list) to adore Jasmine. <3



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